Blue Fluorite Touchstone
Blue Fluorite Touchstone
Blue Fluorite Touchstone

Blue Fluorite Touchstone

Acceptance • New Opportunities • Spiritual Awakening
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Get a Crystal Code emailed to you when you purchase the Blue Fluorite Touchstone for a faster path to open doors, new opportunities and spiritual awakening.

As the rarest variety of Fluorite, Blue Fluorite is a stone of spiritual awakening that allows us to let go of harmful fixations, disappointments, trauma and rejections so we can move towards acceptance. It helps us to stop seeking approval from others and live our own truth. When we stop fighting against what is and sit in calm acceptance, you become more aligned, more powerful, with more insight and clarity about what your journey forward looks like.

Measures approx. 2” - 2.5” • Weighs approx. 2.42 ounces

Fluorite offers a gentle cleanse, with energy that stabilizes chaos within your spiritual body. By cleansing and aligning the entire chakric field, a Blue Fluorite Touchstone keeps you from focusing on your worries. Instead, it offers an increase in concentration, confidence and grounding to encourage transformational shifts. If your mind is cluttered, it's time to get reorganized. Instead of letting your pile of anxiety grow into several piles of doubt, fear, stress and negativity, use the purifying energy of rainbow fluorite to invite those bad vibes to flow right out of your mind. Fluorite helps you to breakout of negative thinking or downward spiraling digressions, so that you can place your full attention on creating positive patterns in both mind and action. With fluorite, you'll turn your focus onto what you can do about a certain situation, rather than what you can't do because of it.

Because Fluorite enhances one's intuition, it is a great crystal for creativity, relationships and life decisions. If creative blocks have you feeling stuck, tap into the energy of Fluorite to get out of your head and let your gut intuition take over. For relationship issues that have you feeling anxious or unable to focus on anything else, try placing your fluorite touchstone on your sacred altar along with other objects that inspire the energy of love within you. Fluorite is a crystal that fuses with and cleanses the heart chakra. If your heart chakra is weighed down with past pain, fluorite will encourage you to release the hurt that is keeping fresh love from blossoming.

If your mind is busy, you are likely drawn to a Blue Fluorite Touchstone for its ability to calm your mind and enhance mental focus. Whether you are having trouble sleeping or clearing out your mental clutter, this palm stone is the energy you need flood your mind with tranquility and serenity. The positive and healing energy that a Blue Fluorite Touchstone provides will give you the tools to ease your mind and drift off to sleep or practice more consciousness and focus while awake. It also helps to remove negativity from your mind and fill it with good vibes, allowing you to focus only on the good in your life.

Holding your Blue Fluorite Touchstone in your hands, and recite the 6-digit Crystal Code that will be emailed to you upon purchase. Repeat for a minimum of 10 days.

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