Blue Kyanite Crystal Earrings
Blue Kyanite Crystal Earrings

Blue Kyanite Crystal Earrings

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Sometimes telling the truth is the hardest thing in the world. Honesty takes having the courage to be vulnerable, and that can be so cringingly difficult most of us avoid it at all costs. And it isn’t always some deep truths that feel like frogs in our throats - sometimes it’s simply public speaking that feels beyond difficult: that’s why we’re always being told to imagine our audiences in their underwear! We need help to cut the tension and ease our minds enough to speak up. Opt instead for the assistance of Blue Kyanite crystal earrings - known for their potent power to clear any energy blocks clogging the throat chakra - so you can speak your truth and leave the anxiety - and the frog in your throat - behind. As you adorn your ears with this beautiful calming blue stone, you'll find an ease in the flow of energy to assist in self-expression and communication. Your Blue Kyanite earrings will also work to raise your vibration and guide you to communication more. clearly and confidently.

Blue Kyanite, as with all blue stones, connect to our 5th chakra, the throat chakra. This makes Blue Kyanite the consummate crystal to achieve a better flow of energy to assist in your self-expression and communication. Remember, this also applies to an honesty of mind for yourself! Blue Kyanite stimulates your intuition and is perfect for meditation and dreamwork. You’ll find that you’ll be able to access truth and insight more easily than you have before. When placed on the ears, the Blue Kyanite crystal meaning is enhanced because it sits so closely to your throat chakra, which amplifies its powerful effect. Wearing Blue Kyanite Crystal Earrings gives the clear, calm, high vibrations of the stone a direct access to your mind, so the stone can clear away any unbalance, anxiety, communication blocks, or other unwanted energy that is taking up space in your head.

By clearing your mind of any chaotic or unwanted energies, your Blue Kyanite earrings guide you to feel more at ease with your truths and your voice so you can speak confidently. These earrings are one of the most powerful tools for self-expression, but they can also raise your vibration and elevate your energetic state so you can move through the world as your highest self. These are the perfect crystal earrings to wear on a daily basis to help you get your ideas and thoughts across clearly, but you can also wear them during your meditation or other spiritual practices to elevate your energy so you can connect with a higher spiritual realm.

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Wear your Blue Kyanite crystal earrings to facilitate open, honest, and authentic communication throughout your day. Because they don’t absorb negative energies, they do not need to be cleansed via Selenite crystals nor smudging

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