Blue Rose Quartz Pillar
Blue Rose Quartz Pillar
Blue Rose Quartz Pillar

Blue Rose Quartz Pillar

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Measures approx. 4" - 6" • Weighs approx. 1 lb - 1.5 lbs
Measures approx. 5.5" - 6" • Weighs approx. 1.5 lbs - 2 lbs
Blue Rose Quartz is extremely rare, and we’re excited to bring it to you! As part of our Denver Gem Show finds, these points represent special, next-level, transformational heart-healing. We like to compare it to a deep-tissue massage: it hurts a bit in the moment because you’re kneading out deeply, longstanding knots and pressure points in your body. These stubborn aches require a little more elbow grease to work out, but once you’ve done the hard work and passed the pain, you feel like a new person! Use the energy of Blue Rose quartz to heal the heart unconditionally harnessing both masculine and feminine.

Is a Blue Rose Quartz Pillar home decor or energy tool? We say both! A Blue Rose Quartz Pillar is not only a beautiful decorative item to step up your home decor, but it also serves an energetic purpose in your home. This beguilingly beautiful crystal invites love and harmony into any room in which it is placed, including your living room and bedroom. The soft and gentle energy of a Rose Quartz crystal is magnified by the size of a pillar. Because these are large crystals, their energy can spread throughout the entirety of the room.

The beauty of a Blue Rose Quartz Pillar is that it is always working. Simply placing one of these large crystals in your space allows your crystal to emit positive energy and fill your home with love, even when you are not actively working with it. This makes a Blue Rose Quartz crystal for the home the ideal addition for anyone, whether or not you typically work with crystals or not.

Country of Origin: Madagascar

Place your Blue Rose Quartz Pillar in your bedroom, living room, or any room you want to fill with loving and harmonious energy.

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