Daily Inspiration Deck Bundle
Daily Inspiration Deck Bundle

Daily Inspiration Deck Bundle

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The Daily Crystal Inspiration Bundle includes the Daily Crystal Inspiration oracle deck and all the energy essentials you need to go with it. Use the Selenite Plate to clear and charge your deck, and the Clear Quartz stone to magnify the power of the deck and help you to interpret the messages of the cards with clarity.

This bundle includes the Daily Crystal Inspiration deck, a Selenite Charging Plate, and a Clear Quartz tumbled stone. These energy tools enhance the power of your deck and your crystal oracle readings.

The Daily Crystal Inspiration Card Deck is filled with 52 crystal cards, each of which features colorful photographs of the most powerful crystals and short descriptions of each crystal's message. The deck comes with a guidebook where you can learn about the deeper message that each crystal card has to offer, as well as a simple action to harness that crystal’s energy in your daily life.

To strengthen the power of your oracle deck, you will also receive a Selenite Plate and Clear Quartz stone. As a cleansing crystal, Selenite clears and charges the energy of your deck to ensure accurate and relevant readings. The Clear Quartz magnifies and amplifies the power of your deck, and helps you to interpret the messages of the cards with clarity. Using these three energy tools together can support your spiritual journey and help you navigate your life as the highest version of yourself.

When you are not using your deck, store the Daily Crystal Inspiration deck on top of the Selenite plate with the Clear Quartz stone on the top of the deck to ensure your cards are ready for you to use them and energetically optimized.

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