Caribbean Calcite Point
Caribbean Calcite Point
Caribbean Calcite Point

Caribbean Calcite Point

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Ironically, during the time of year where the majority of us need the most stress-busting relief that comes from visiting the beach or lake, it’s simply too cold to do so (if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, at least). The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is thrilling, but also exhausting! As a rare combination of blue Calcite and Brown & White Aragonite, Caribbean Calcite Point produces a distinct and profound breath of fresh, ocean air, and all of the relaxation and serenity that come with that. This crystal’s appearance is not only beautiful but it displays exactly what kind of energy it contains: windswept swirls of sky, sea, and sand, and mind-clearing peace and calm. Conjure your personal beach whenever you find yourself weighed down by stress, to-do lists, and cold grey days when you work with your Caribbean Calcite Point. Very Limited Availability. We were able to source a small batch of these from a vendor who had older material that is deeper in color than what is more readily available on the market right now. Once this batch is sold out, that will be it! All Caribbean Calcite Points will vary very slightly in size, shape, color and pattern.

One of the most powerful aspects of Caribbean Calcite is that it embodies the liberating effects of the beach: the soothing white noise of the waves and the ever-changing sand. You don’t even try to make permanent changes because you know the water and wind will eventually wash it away! That same kind of peaceful acceptance is essential to apply to the rest of your life. Letting go of control is so good for your stress level (and blood pressure!) and simply makes it easier to navigate through your busiest days. Peering into the serene layers of your Caribbean Calcite Point reminds you of the natural beauty and wonder that still exists once the stressful events are over! Staying grateful and maintaining that sense of wonder is what your Caribbean Calcite Point is all about.

Caribbean Calcite is quite rare and it’s an incredibly beautiful piece of liberating Caribbean sea that you can hold in your hand. Embody the energy of the ocean and approach each day with a fresh, easygoing state of mind and let your stressors, anxieties, and worries get washed away.

A simple technique you can practice anywhere: place your Caribbean Calcite Point over your heart, in the center of your chest, and really focus on the state of mind or energy you wish you were in: tranquility, serenity, relaxation, unperturbed calm. Then, using only your middle and ring fingers, lightly tap your point to your chest while repeating your affirmation (for example, “I am calm”) three times. Repeat as many times as it takes you to energetically transport yourself to a brisk seaside.

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