Chakra Raw Stones Set

Chakra Raw Stones Set

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One of the most important things we can do when life moves too fast is, paradoxically, to slow down and be still. If you have trouble getting grounded, this new Chakra Raw Stones Set is like a weighted blanket in crystal form! Place each raw crystal over its corresponding space on your body. You can either go into each body layout with a specific intention in mind or simply to take a break from your everyday life and invest a little time on your wholeness. To make it easy to get started, you’ll receive a free PDF of chakra information so you can ensure perfect placement and alignment each time.

We love using these raw chakra stones both on the Selenite plate and in body layouts. When starting your body layout, begin with the lowest one and move upward. Lay in a comfortable space and keep your stones close at hand.

Place your Garnet crystal on your lower abdomen, about where the base of your spine is. Visualize your root chakra, your first chakra, being activated with the energy of a strong foundation.

Next, place your Carnelian crystal over your 2nd sacral chakra (higher up on your abdomen). Feel your sacral chakra activating with the energy of creativity.

Now, place your Yellow Aventurine over your 3rd chakra, which is your solar plexus, by putting your stone over the middle of your belly. 

The fourth location is Green Aventurine: place it over your heart chakra and feel the infusion of pure love energy.

Next comes your throat chakra: place our Angelite in a comfortable position over the center of your throat and bolster your throat chakra’s energy of communication.

Your sixth chakra is your third eye: place your Lapis Lazuli crystal over the center of your forehead. Activate your third eye chakra’s energy of personal wisdom.

Last, place your Amethyst right above your head. This corresponds with your crown chakra and helps you connect to your higher power.

1. Place each crystal on the appropriate part of the body, starting with Red Jasper and moving up.

2. Lay with all 7 crystals on your body for 11 minutes as needed to feel the energy of pure balance.

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