Clear Quartz Lakshmi Statue

Clear Quartz Lakshmi Statue

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This Clear Quartz Lakshmi statue is a powerful tool to help you attract wealth, abundance, luck, and new opportunities. Lakshmi is the Goddess of Wealth and Fortune, making this a powerful statue to use for intentions related to prosperity and abundance. Carved out of Clear Quartz crystal, a stone of manifestation and clarity, this Clear Quartz Lakshmi helps you to align with the energy of wealth and make yourself a magnet for success. Whether you are manifesting a new job, a new home, greater financial wealth, or any other intention, this Clear Quartz crystal Lakshmi statue can support your intentions.

The Clear Quartz crystal is a powerful tool to help you manifest your wealth intentions. The Clear Quartz crystal properties work by boosting your manifestation power and helping you to attract new opportunities and abundance. Because Clear Quartz is such a powerful crystal for enhancing and magnifying your intentions, it is the perfect stone to be carved into the shape of Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth.

When you work with the energy of the Clear Quartz crystal and the image of Lakshmi, you are able to manifest faster. The grounding and manifestation properties of the stone and the divine energy of the goddess enhance your manifestation power and address different layers of your energy. No matter what your goal or intention, this combination of energies can help you achieve your goals and manifest your intentions at a quicker rate.

Place the Clear Quartz Lakshmi statue on your desk, in your office or workspace, or somewhere else in your space to represent prosperity and abundance. Each day, sit in front of your Clear Quartz Lakshmi and say the Lakshmi mantra 108x out loud: Om sri Maha laxmai namaha. You can also play a recording of the mantra 108 times, instead. As you repeat or play the mantra, visualize coins of gold showering you with abundance.

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