Clear Quartz Merkaba Crystal
Clear Quartz Merkaba Crystal

Clear Quartz Merkaba Crystal

Clarity • Divination • Manifestation
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Unlock the Power of Sacred Geometry with our Natural Clear Quartz Merkaba Star! This exquisite piece embodies the ancient wisdom of sacred geometry, merging the purity of Clear Quartz with the sacred Merkaba symbol.

Clear Quartz is known as an amplifier of energies. When shaped as a merkaba star, it is thought to intensify and amplify one's intentions, thoughts, or the energies around it, enhancing spiritual practices or healing work. Place it in your sacred space to create a harmonious environment conducive to spiritual exploration and personal growth. Its radiant energy can infuse tranquility, clarity of thought, and a deep sense of inner peace.

Measures approx. 0.5” • Weighs approx. 0.173 ounces

Find the multifaceted star within you by embracing this multifaceted Merkaba clear quartz crystal. When cut into the star tetrahedron symbol known as merkaba, quartz crystal takes on a whole new sacred meaning.

Merkaba is one of the world’s most ancient symbols. The word merkaba originated as three separate words in ancient Egyptian:

  • mer, meaning light—a light that rotates within itself
  • ka, meaning the human spirit
  • ba, meaning the human body
The merkaba is a three-dimensional, sacred geometric shape that’s considered a useful tool when trying to expand the possibilities of the mind, body, and spirit, guided by the heart. The energy of the merkaba is magnified when it’s in the form of Clear Quartz crystal.

Hold your Clear Quartz Merkaba in your left hand to infuse yourself with clear access to higher consciousness. Place within a crystal grid, in a stone bag, or on top of handwritten intentions to infuse them with amplified manifestation power.

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