Clearing Crystal Candle
Clearing Crystal Candle
Clearing Crystal Candle
Clearing Crystal Candle

Clearing Crystal Candle

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This Clearing Crystal Candle clears both your personal energy and the energy of your environment so you have more space for fresh energy to flow in. Before you can manifest new intentions or wishes, it is important to release any unwanted energy that you may be holding onto. By clearing out the old, you can make room for the new. Featuring Smoky Quartz crystal and rosemary and thyme essential oils, this crystal candle is a perfect first step to any manifestation practice or crystal ritual because it allows you to let go of anything and everything that no longer serves you before you set new intentions and manifest new possibilities.

The Clearing Crystal Candle is made with Smoky Quartz and healing essential oils that address both your personal energy and your environment. As a stone of letting go, Smoky Quartz guides you to clear out all unwanted energy. The cleansing energies of rosemary and thyme essential oils complement the Smoky Quartz crystal and together this formula allows you to release anything that doesn’t serve you from your mind, body, spirit and space. After this powerful energy clearing session, you will be able to manifest at a higher frequency and have more room for fresh, new energies to enter into your life.

Any time you are ready to set a new intention or start fresh in an area of your life, use this Clearing Crystal Candle as the first step to your practice. It opens up your space and sets the tone for the rest of your ritual, while also preparing your energy for all that is to come. It is also a wonderful complement to any smoky cleansing or other space clearing practices.

The coconut oil used to produce this candle is extracted from the kernel of mature coconuts that are sustainably harvested from the Coconut Palm tree (Cocos Nucifera). Coconuts are a renewable and sustainable resource since no tree is cut down in order to pick the coconuts and extract the coconut oil. The coconut palm tree is known as a "three generation" tree because one tree lives and bears fruit for up to 60 years, which means it can support a farmer, the farmer’s children, and the farmer’s grandchildren over three generations. The coconut trees are not sprayed with pesticides and the coconut wax is vegan. We used coconut oil because it has a lower melt point which helps to keep the therapeutic benefits and phytoactive values of the essential oils alive in the most holistic way. This candle is made using real essential oils to create a plant-based aroma.

On the outside of your Clearing Crystal Candle, write a word or intention of what you want to release and let go of. Then, light your candle and allow the flame to burn away the energy that no longer serves you.

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