Clear Quartz Pyramid

Clear Quartz Pyramid

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Bring a Clear Quartz Pyramid into your office or home to uplift your environment with cleansed and revitalizing energy. Quartz pyramids have a balancing effect, helping to cleanse and restore harmony within your space. When placed in your home, at work or in a sacred space, crystal pyramids enhance focus, clarity and every healing intention you set for yourself.

A clear quartz pyramid is one of the most powerful tools for manifesting intentions. While the quartz continues to carry the energy of your intention, the shape of the pyramid ensures it is amplified out of its focused point. Both the sacred shape of the pyramid and the energy of quartz serve as energy amplifiers. To amplify the intention you have for your home or work, place a clear quartz pyramid into your space.

Quartz pyramids have a balancing effect, helping to cleanse and restore harmony within your space. When placed in your environment, or sacred space, these crystal pyramids increase focus and clarity. The charge of enhancing energy they emit will keep the atmosphere of your home from feeling stuffy or stagnant. This cleansing essence also applies to your spirit. Connect with a clear quartz pyramid to purify and recharge all seven of your chakras. To expand the mind and elevate your perspective, use a quartz pyramid in meditation. Find somewhere peaceful within the home, and lay flat on your back. Set the pyramid on your forehead, and visualize the beam of cleansing energy connecting you with the highest powers of the universe.

When you want to program your space to hold a certain intention, a clear quartz pyramid is the stone to use. Place a clear quartz energy on your desk at work and set the intention to boost your mental performance. Cleansed of negativity like self-doubt and stress, you can assess situations with a clear and positive outlook. The heightened perspective that a clear quartz pyramid brings, will help you discover new solutions to challenges.

If you are looking to bring a rainbow of cleansed and uplifting vibrations into your home, set the intention to emit purifying joy with your quartz pyramid. We recommend setting it on your window sill to emit rainbows into the space whenever the sun hits the stone.

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