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Coppernite Point
Coppernite Point

Coppernite Point

Energy Boost • Releasing Negativity • Grounding
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Meditating with Coppernite is a powerful way to release negative energy so you're no longer blocked by emotional baggage and lower frequency thoughts, but what about the lower frequencies in your living spaces? Adding the focused power of a Coppernite Point into any room in your home supports transformation, making it easier to navigate and embrace changes. Your Coppernite Point will also help revitalize the vibration of your spaces, imbuing it with an ignited and empowered fire.

Ready to release negative energy in your home? Introduce a Coppernite Point into your living room, kitchen, or office so they're no longer blocked by lingering emotional baggage and lower frequencies.

Measures approx. 3"- 3.5" • Weighs approx. 2.26 ounces

Take the energy of your living spaces to the next level with Coppernite points! One of Coppernite's main objectives is to conduct energy, clear out negativity, and to help balance the chakras. And as a conductor of energy, Coppernite intensifies our energy and the properties of the crystals we pair with it. This makes it a wonderful point crystal to add to crystal grids and altars. 

Placing a crystal point somewhere in your house is like adding a pillar of light into your living space, as they radiate pure light and an abundance of positive energy. We recommend placing your Coppernite point crystals on a windowsill, where they can catch the sunlight and reflect dazzling constellations of starry lights throughout your space!

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