Cord Cutting Bundle

Cord Cutting Bundle

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If you’re having trouble releasing a negative attachment to a particular person or situation, the Cord Cutting Crystal Bundle has everything you need to let go of that energetic tie. Use the Amethyst, Obsidian, and Selenite crystals as part of this kit to disconnect from that negative energy. Whether you’re hung up on an argument or negative interaction you had, or you feel drained from an exhausting conversation with a friend or family member, there are a variety of reasons why you would need to cut energy cords. And just as there are different types of energy cords, there are different crystals that are well-suited for a particular use.

Amethyst is the ideal crystal to release negative thoughts tied to a situation or person.

Obsidian slices away toxic energetic ties from your spirit to allow you to maintain your own energy, making it ideal for those who tend to give their energy away to others.

Selenite replenishes positive energy when you feel drained, depleted, or enveloped in negativity. After you cut cords, it refills your spirit with high vibrational energy.

Use the Amethyst to remove mental ties by holding it to your third eye.
Use the Obsidian Cord Cutter to cut energetic ties from your spirit by imagining a physical link between you and a person/situation, and then slicing in a downward motion to “cut” the tie.
Use Selenite to restore your own energy by placing it over your chest and taking 3 deep breaths.

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