Daily Cleansing Sage Bundle
Daily Cleansing Sage Bundle

Daily Cleansing Sage Bundle

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The Daily Cleansing Sage Bundle includes the energy tools you need to keep your personal energy and environment clear and high vibe. This bundle includes a Rosemary Sage Stick, Thyme Sage Stick, and a Palo Santo & Sage Stick. Together these clearing herbs work to remove any stuck, stagnant, or lower vibrations from your energy field and space, as well as call in positivity and high vibrations. This is the perfect trio of energies to use on a daily basis, or as part of your energy and space clearing rituals before setting new intentions or other spiritual practices.

Designed for everyday clearing and energetic upkeep, the Daily Cleansing Sage Bundle includes three varieties of sage sticks, each of which is combined with another clearing herb for a specific intention. Because each sage stick has a unique energy, the trio of energies work together and complement each other. This bundle includes:

  • Rosemary Sage Stick for peace and protection. Rosemary has a calming effect that soothes and uplifts your energy and environment.
  • Thyme Sage Stick for purification and an energetic refresh. Thyme is known for dispelling negative frequencies and lower vibrations.
  • Palo Santo & Sage Stick for removing negativity and calling in peace, joy and blessings. While the Sage clears away all lower vibrations, the Palo Santo works to raise the vibration and bring in positive energy.

Burn one, two or all three of the clearing herbs within the Daily Cleansing Sage Bundle to clear + cleanse your spirit and space. For the best results, use all three together to address different aspects of your energy and space clearing practice.

If you are cleansing your space, make sure to open all doors and windows to allow negative energy to leave the space. For personal energy cleansing, hover the burning sage bundles a few inches away from your body to clear your energy field.

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