Desert Sage Stick

Desert Sage Stick

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Use a Desert Sage Stick to purify and protect your home and everyone in it. A powerful energy purifier, this unique sage stick eliminates negative energy and lower vibrations from your energy field and environment, while simultaneously offering a protective energy to shield you and your space from bad vibes.

Just as crystals of the same type can come from different regions, sage from different regions and climates can have different energies and properties. This type of sage, Desert Sage, has a highly protective energy that helps to remove negativity and lower vibrations from your spirit and space. Compared to the more healing and uplifting properties of white sage, Desert Sage is a powerful energy purifier that is used less in healing rituals and more in clearing and cleansing sessions.

When you need a deep energy clearing for your home or your own personal energy, call upon your Desert Sage Stick to purify any and all negative or unwanted energies. Because it works to eliminate all lower vibrations, the Desert Sage stick also has protective properties that can create an energetic bubble around you and your environment. Using this herb can ward off bad vibes and keep your space and your spirit protected and shielded.

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For cleansing your home: First, open your doors and windows. Then, burn your Desert Sage stick as you move clockwise through your home, allowing the smoke to remove negative or unwanted energies from your space.

To cleanse your own energy: hover the burning Desert Sage stick a few inches from your skin, and move it around your body from front to back, then head to toe to clear your energy.

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