Raw Emerald on Matrix
Raw Emerald on Matrix

Raw Emerald on Matrix

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One of the most regal stones in the crystal world, Emeralds want nothing more than to make you feel as grand as possible, magnetically drawing all of the love and wealth and good fortune you could ever want into your life. As with all green stones, Raw Emerald on Matrix is closely tied to the heart chakra, which it powerfully heals, activates, and opens up. It wants to imbue you with all the swagger you daydream about having when you walk into a room, or walk up to someone you may be interested in pursuing romantically, or when requesting a promotion at work. Raw Emerald helps you command a room, but not with the help of some artificial fantasy self - it asks you to tap into your inner strength and inner knowing that you may perhaps not even realize you possess. That superhero version of you that you wish you could be? It’s already in you. Raw Emerald in Matrix supports this free-flowing Greatest Of All Time energy and wants to make sure you show up in your life this way whenever you need to. All Raw Emeralds on Matrix will vary very slightly in size, shape, color and pattern.

Country of origin: Brazil

Emerald guides you to direct your love-based intentions out into the Universe. It is believed to help revive passion in a current relationship or to attract a new romantic love for those looking for one. By freeing the heart of negative emotions, Emerald helps restore your hope, compassion, and love. It boosts your self-esteem and gives you confidence in who you are. It’s lush earthy green hues beckon growth and abundance in your romantic, and financial areas of your life, just as vibrant greenery is a telltale sign of abundant life in the natural world.

Tap into the more masculine energy of Raw Emeralds on Matrix — it wants to endow you with massive doses of assertiveness and a completely commanding presence, and sometimes when we are feeling a bit too timid to really go after everything we daydream about, this brash, vibrant kind of assuredness is just exactly what we need to push our boats out, so to speak. Emerald wants you to feel the glow of pride you get when you know you’ve really shown up for yourself.

Raw Emerald healing properties are often recommended both for those seeking new romantic couplings and for those already in established partnerships - it is a heart-opening crystal and a crystal that’s all about loyalty, unconditional love, and domestic bliss.

Lastly, you may be wondering: what does Raw Emerald on Matrix mean? Matrix refers to the rock from which the gemstone is extracted and that often remains attached. It is often a finer-grained mass of material in which larger crystals are embedded. This keeps the Raw Emerald in its purest, most unadulterated state and its energy similarly more pure. We believe it adds to each stone's totally unique energetic presence and appearance.

Each uniquely shaped Raw Emeralds on Matrix crystal wants to be touched and wants to interact with you. This makes it a wonderful stone to include in your meditation practices. Hold your Raw Emerald on Matrix with hands and let your fingers run along its interestingly jagged surfaces as you envision your heart center being fortified and totally open to receiving love. Let your Raw Emerald on Matrix revive passion within you and attract abundance in love and wealth to yourself.

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