Financial Power Bracelet set featuring a Serpentine crystal bracelet, a Pyrite crystal bracelet and a Tiger&
Financial Power Bracelet Set

Financial Power Bracelet Set

Money Savvy • Intuition • New Viewpoints
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Take your power energy layering on-the-go with this new Financial Power Bracelet Set! Wear it on your left wrist to attract abundance beyond your wildest dreams! Each of the 3 stretch bracelets feature 6mm beads and are 7.5” (medium size). They also feature Clear Quartz beads that charge the crystals and the signature Energy Muse brass rondelle.

We highly recommend you begin wearing them during the New Moon when you set new wealth & success intentions.

Serpentine will help you through your money mindset transformation. This healing stone is filled with wisdom and helps you stay intuitive, shrewd and smart about what your wealth intentions entail and need. With your path to prosperity shining like your North Star, you can move through transformative periods in life with strength and clarity. Get closer to manifesting your money goals with the Serpentine meaning looking out for you.

Pyrite’s extremely high-shine and reflective appearance helps you see straight through to the truth of your situation. The Pyrite meaning in this crystal bracelet helps you bring more light and power to your mindset so you can remove the energetic blocks and unleash your full potential. Wearing this bracelet gives you the confidence to plant the seeds and put your goals out into the universe. It reminds you to stay open to the ways that your goals manifest in your life, as success can be unexpected or show up in different ways than you imagined.

By helping you to tap into your own inner strength and power, the fierce energy of a Tiger’s Eye meaning enables you to confront and conquer fear. When you’re able to overcome the feeling of being afraid, the world opens up to you and anything is possible. Harness the energy of the Tiger’s Eye bracelet when you’re on the verge of a breakthrough so you can get out of your comfort zone and work through the fear, coming out strong on the other side.

Size 7.5 (Medium). Made with three bracelets: Serpentine (6mm), Pyrite (6mm), Tiger's Eye (6mm)

Wear your Financial Power Bracelet Set on your left wrist, because your left hand symbolizes the energy you want to imbue into yourself and into your life. We especially recommend you begin wearing your set during the New Moon when you first set your wealth intentions!

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