Germanium Particles Facial Massager

Germanium Particles Facial Massager

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A lot of the time, our daily and nightly beauty rituals include not only high-quality, highly targeted skincare products, but also afford us the time and space to truly connect with ourselves, truly zero-in on our well-being and our needs. To amplify the benefits of your self-care rituals, add this Germanium Particle Facial Roller: it features a hexagonal rolling head that’s studded with germanium particle acupuncture-style pods that massages the skin, helps your serums and oils absorb more deeply, and provides you with even more quality time looking after yourself with care. De-puff, smooth, and alleviate any tension you may be inadvertently holding in your face with the Germanium Particle Facial Roller.

If you find yourself unable to venture out into your favorite esthetician for your regular facial, you can come very close to replicating the face contouring massaging and instantly visible skin rejuvenation by using the Germanium Particle Facial Roller along with your luxurious lotions, oils and serums. The gentle rolling boosts circulation, and the germanium stones are thought to re-balance positive and negative ions when it conducts a natural current as the roller effortlessly glides over the skin. It will feel almost like kneading lumps out of dough - you’ll be able to reduce any tension you may be holding in your facial muscles, such as with clenched jaws or stress-induced tightness.

The Germanium Particle Facial Roller allows you to incorporate depuffing and lymphatic drainage into your wellness routine. It supercharges the absorption of your products into your skin so you reap the maximum benefit possible. You will see tighter, more radiant contours in your face, such as around the cheekbones and the jawline, and the rolling action alone will support circulation in your face for a natural, flushed glow.

Apply your favorite serums or oils onto your face to provide your skin with moisture and avoid tugging. Insider tip: Feel free to apply a bit more serum throughout your roller ritual to keep your skin dewy and moist.

Begin rolling the massager gently over your forehead, followed by your cheeks, then your jaw, and finally your neck. Roll for approximately 25-60 seconds.

This Germanium Particle Facial Roller can be used on sensitive, oily, normal, dry, combination, and mature skin.

Using the smaller, Rose Quartz-tipped end of the Germanium Particle Facial Roller, this skin-smoothing therapy combines the healing effects of massage with Rose Quartz’s self-love properties and its high frequencies. This smaller end can be used for more focused, acupuncture-style targeting. The result is a boost of blood flow to the area, which helps plump the skin and softens lines on the face.

Ensure that you clean your Facial Roller thoroughly after each use to avoid infection. This will ensure that the germanium powder acupuncture-style pod components maintain their sleek, just-like-new luster.

Please note:

Do not use the Germanium Particle Facial Roller on broken or irritated skin. Do not use on sensitive areas like the eyes, throat, or any open wounds. If you notice any sensitivity or irritation, stop using the Facial Roller immediately and consult your doctor. Not a medical device.

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