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Grounding Stones

Grounding Stones

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ALL SALE ITEMS ARE FINAL SALE • All stones are 3/4” to 1" • About the size of a quarter
Let these Grounding Stones infuse your core with earthly energies to help you physically, emotionally and spiritually re-center. Whether too much of your focus on one area of your life has created an imbalance in other areas, or a series of challenges has your days feeling chaotic, you can find regain emotional stability and spiritual alignment with a Grounding Stone Crystal Bag. With the Grounding Stones, you will receive: 2 Shungite stones, 2 Hematite stones and 1 Smoky Quartz stone.

When one area of our lives becomes an issue, we tend to devote all of our attention and energy to fixing that issue. Before we know it, this can throw everything out of whack. No matter what is going on in your life, you can find stability with this Grounding Stones healing crystal bag. Let these grounding stones infuse your core with earthly energies to help you physically, emotionally and spiritually re-center. By aligning yourself with properties like self-assurance, determination, cleansing and neutralization, you can transform your perspective to a place of positivity.

Hematite connects you with Earth's energy to get your feet back on the ground. The stabilizing energy of hematite is one that can be a great comfort to the frenzied mind. If you feel like your thoughts are moving a million miles a minute, take a break with your hematite stone. It connects with the root chakra to get you out of your head, and back into the peaceful energy of your body.

Smoky Quartz helps you let go of negativity and unwanted energy. Sometimes, there's a weird comfort in negative thoughts. They let you place the blame elsewhere and don't compel you to create change through positive actions. Smoky quartz energy doesn't let you stay comfortable in your own negativity. The energy of smoky quartz cuts through mental fog and forces you to view situations through an honest lens. By cleansing you of your negativity and motivating you toward active progress, smoky quartz helps you out of even the stickiest ruts.

Shungite creates a rooted foundation to bring overall balance. Use this stone to detox your spirit of all the energy that's been weighing you down. Shungite absorbs negative and stagnant energy, and encourages new spiritual growth. Connecting with shungite energy heals the mind and spirit of stagnancy by stimulating a circulation of fresh energy. Shungite helps you achieve a neutralized state so that you can approach life from a calm and collected place.

When you feel like you're spinning out of control, find stability with your grounding stones. Simply hold the grounding stones in your hands, and focus on your breath. With each breath, visualize yourself growing more connected and rooted in the earth beneath your feet.

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