cleansing room spray made with 100% pure organic palo santo essential oil with genuine Fluorite crystals by Energy Muse
High Vibes Palo Santo Spray

High Vibes Palo Santo Spray

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Bring blessings and good vibes into your space with the High Vibes Crystal Room Spray. This crystal room spray combines Palo Santo essential oil with Fluorite crystals to boost the flow of positive energy in your environment.

Skip out on burning Palo Santo and instead spray the High Vibes Palo Santo Crystal Room Spray into your space for a similar effect. In the same way that burning sticks of Palo Santo fills your environment with blessings and joy, the Palo Santo essential oil raises the vibration of your environment. This smoke-free alternative is still a powerful way to access the healing properties of Palo Santo, without burning any wood.

Not only does this room spray feature Palo Santo essential oil, but it is also infused with the energy of Fluorite, which brings joy and blessings into your space. This powerful combination supports the overall intention and energy of the crystal room spray, which is to raise the vibration and enhance the energy of your space.

While this room spray can be used alone, it is even more powerful when used after the No Bad Vibes Crystal Room Spray. While one clears negativity, the other brings in positive energy and high vibrations.

Ingredients: Natural spring water, Pure essential oil of Palo Santo, alcohol, Fluorite Chipstones.

Caution: For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children.

Spray the High Vibes Crystal Room Spray into the air to infuse your space with blessings and positive energy. This room spray is intended for your space, not your face or body.

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