I Am Cosmic Necklace
I Am Cosmic Necklace

I Am Cosmic Necklace

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EM EXCLUSIVE When life gets hectic, we’re operating almost mindlessly, crossing things off our to-do lists but not tending to our personal growth goals. If you are low on time (and attention span) but are ready to take your up-leveling practices with you everywhere you go in order to get real results, we’ve created the new I Am Cosmic Affirmation Necklace exactly for you. It urges you to rise up to a higher frequency, and when you get to this new frequency, you’ll be able to tap into resources and opportunities you could never have conceived of before, at your lower, restricted space. It’s designed so that you can discreetly shift your energy into higher realms, no matter where you are, without requiring tons of time and focus. Harness the power of your words when you wear this necklace and this user-friendly affirmation practice. The I Am Cosmic Necklace features Amethyst, Labradorite, Web Agate, Lepidolite, and Moonstone.

Exclusively designed by Energy Muse’s co-founder Heather Askinosie, the crystals used in the I Am Cosmic Necklace were thoughtfully and deliberately selected by Heather in order to amplify the power of your repeated words. There are 5 stones, all of which have naturally occurring ethereal patterns, symbolizing the higher realms you’re reaching in your life. Beautiful in their simplicity, these pieces of dainty jewelry are an easy & accessible entry point for connecting with your intention + the necklace’s curated crystal formula anytime, anywhere. The convenient, user-friendly practices keep your affirmations on hand, and when we take our intentions with us everywhere we go, we cement our new affirmations into our minds, shifts occur, & magic unfolds!

  • Amethyst triggers and expands your intuition so you can use it as your guiding light.
  • Labradorite opens up your crown chakra so you can ascertain all of the Cosmos’ received messages. It wants you to look upward.
  • Web Agate cast your web or net widely, capturing visions that exist on higher planes. Then, back down on Earth, you can take action.
  • Lepidolite encourages your dream state so you can manifest without limits and escape earthly bounds.
  • Moonstone is all about transcendence and expansion. To access your destiny, it’s vital to break through your programming to truly expand into the cosmos.

Place your necklace around your neck, and say your affirmation either out loud or to yourself as you touch each bead one-by-one: I am cosmic.

Throughout the day, every time you catch a glimpse of your crystals around your neck and over your chest, bring your intention to mind and feel the support available to you.

Before you go to sleep, take your necklace off and place it on top of a Selenite crystal to cleanse.

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