I Am Enough Affirmation Bracelet

I Am Enough Affirmation Bracelet

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Neutralize negative thoughts and give yourself a self-confidence boost everywhere you go with the new I Am Enough Affirmation Bracelet! Words are power; words are magic. When our self-esteem is suffering, we need the reassurance of knowing we have the power to ground ourselves in our self-worth, no matter where we are. This simple I Am Enough Word Bracelet anchors you in your self-esteem. Every time you catch a glimpse of your new affirmation bracelet on your wrist, you reaffirm your intention, you reconjure your magic, and reprogram yourself with self-love and positivity. The I Am Enough Affirmation Bracelet is made with 6mm genuine Fluorite beads and 7 letter block beads stringed on elastic. One size fits most.

If you've ever told yourself you aren't good enough, then this bracelet is for you. Made with Fluorite beads and letter block beads, the I Am Enough affirmation bracelet helps you connect to your confidence so you can remember your worth. Whenever you are feeling insecure or like you aren't good enough, let this bracelet serve as a reminder that you are deserving of all the love, care, nurturing that you bestow on others. Embody your true worthiness every time you wear the I Am Enough Bracelet.

The Fluorite crystal properties come from its distinctive fluorescent light that features different colors when exposed to UV rays. This stone typically contains green and purple colors, giving it an incredible synergistic energy that heals and rejuvenates the aura. The green cleanses and purifies the heart chakra by aligning your mind with the true desires of the heart. The perfect prescription for a case of existential burnout, the purple colors in the Fluorite crystal beads help you discover your divine purpose in life. It opens and stimulates the third eye chakra, clearing the way for spiritual expansion and a deeper sense of inner peace. The otherworldly rainbow hues and Fluorite crystal healing properties fill your spirit with positive and high vibrational energy, which can encourage you to let go of inhibitions and dream big. This makes Fluorite one of the most powerful crystals for manifestation, as well as spiritual elevation.


Every morning, call to mind the worthiness and self-love based intention you’re working on.

Throughout the day, every time you catch a glimpse of your affirmation bracelet on your wrist, bring your intention to mind or simply say “I am enough” to yourself to remember that you can always anchor yourself with breathing exercises.

Before you go to sleep, take your I Am Enough Affirmation Fluorite Stone Bracelet off and place it on top of a Selenite crystal to cleanse.

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