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Indigo Gabbro Touchstone

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Unearth the deepest-rooted issues in your psyche and deal with them using this Indigo Gabbro Touchstone. Indigo Gabbro gets you. It knows your weaknesses and understands your strengths. Connecting with this stone strips you of your false identifications and allows you to truly see yourself. Indigo Gabbro wants you to comprehend your full complexity, so that you can grow beyond the box you’ve built for yourself, complete with labels.

One of the most interesting Indigo Gabbro uses is expanding knowledge and insight. It is believed that using an indigo Gabbro stone attracts teachers, visitors, or other clear messages into your dreams and meditations, making it an excellent stone for intuitive learning and connecting with higher consciousness. On a more subtle level, indigo gabbro, also known as merlinite crystal, is used for unveiling the darkest aspects of yourself. It forces you to recall past memories and patterns that you’ve kept hidden. The Indigo Gabbro meaning is to expose those dark aspects of yourself and how they’ve contributed to your deepest motivations. It also helps you see how your darkest self intertwines with your highest self, forming the ideal image in which you were created. Indigo Gabbro heals the darkness within us and allows us to act with a higher purpose.

The Indigo Gabbro meaning is wisdom and that the greatest beauty of life resides in exploring darkness and mystery. Indigo gabbro develops patience. It helps you realize that your desires don’t always equal your needs, but that the universe will provide you with the experiences, people and lessons you need.

Place one Indigo Gabbro touchstone on your root chakra and another on your crown chakra integrate the Indigo Gabbro properties of the spiritual and earthly worlds.

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