Iolite Point
Iolite Point
Iolite Point

Iolite Point

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About 5" to 6"
About 1" to 2"
About 2" to 3"
About 3" to 4"
By enhancing your inner wisdom and self-awareness, an Iolite Point supports your ability to break negative patterns and make positive shifts. Iolite is an especially powerful crystal for anyone working on shifting their relationship to money. If you want to eliminate debt, become a more conscious spender, or live in a state of abundance instead of a state of lack, your Iolite Point holds the energy to help you on your journey.

Iolite facilitates the consciousness and awareness needed to break up with bad habits. By enhancing your intuition and inner wisdom, Iolite guides you to recognize what courses of action truly supports your goals and which don’t.

This mental awareness and heightened consciousness is especially powerful for matters related to your finances. If you tend to overspend on frivolous items, or you have trained yourself to believe you need something when you really want it, Iolite can help you to see the difference between essentials and nonessentials. This new money mindset can support a wide range of financial goals, from eliminating debt to having a healthier relationship with money. More generally, Iolite helps you to appreciate all that you have without feeling the need to spend or acquire more to determine your worth.

Work with an Iolite Point to manifest a positive money mindset and shift toward more positive behavior that supports your financial goals.

Write down one financial pattern or behavior that you want to change. Then, place your Iolite Point on top as a reminder to make that shift.

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