Lakshmi Charm
Lakshmi Charm
Lakshmi Charm
Lakshmi Charm

Lakshmi Charm

Abundance • Wealth • Compassion
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A powerful and harmonious combination of Lakshmi and Citrine and Peridot’s strong energies of abundance, prosperity, and fortune, Rose Quartz’s unconditional compassion and love frequency, plus Golden Hematite’s sunny-yet-grounding frequencies, this crystal energy charm keychain is a powerful tool to help you expand your vision for the possible paths you can take to achieve your goals. It makes it easy for you to work with the energy of Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth and Abundance and carry this high vibration with you everywhere you go.

When you work with the energy of these particular crystals in conjunction with the image of Lakshmi, you are able to manifest faster. The grounding and manifestation properties of the stones and the divine energy of the goddess enhance your manifestation power and address different layers of your energy.

Measures approx. 4.5” long • Weighs approx. one ounce

Carrying  Lakshmi keychain charm, a radiant fusion of powerful energies and exquisite crystals. Inspired by the divine essence of Lakshmi, the goddess of abundance, wealth, and compassion, this enchanting accessory is meticulously crafted to infuse positivity and prosperity into your life.

Crafted with precision and adorned with the blessings of Lakshmi's energies, this crystal energy charm makes for a thoughtful gift or a personal talisman, empowering you to embrace prosperity and kindness in every facet of your life.

Featured crystals:

1. Citrine: Radiating vibrant energy, the Citrine meaning is renowned for attracting abundance and prosperity. It is believed to ignite the spirit with enthusiasm and creativity while fostering a positive mindset for manifesting wealth.

2. Rose Quartz: Known as the stone of love and compassion, the Rose Quartz meaning emanates gentle, nurturing energies. It promotes self-love, empathy, and harmonious relationships, aligning perfectly with Lakshmi's compassionate nature.

3. Peridot: Symbolizing growth and prosperity, the Peridot meaning carries a refreshing green hue that revitalizes the spirit. It encourages abundance, happiness, and a deep sense of well-being, inviting prosperity into your life's journey.

4. Golden Hematite: Reflecting the golden glow of wealth and success, Golden Hematite offers grounding energy while enhancing confidence and willpower. The Hematite meaning serves as a beacon of strength and stability in pursuit of prosperity.

This beautifully designed keychain charm embodies the essence of Lakshmi, serving as a constant reminder of abundance, wealth, and compassion. Whether attached to your keys or bag, it radiates positive vibrations, attracting prosperity and fostering a mindset of gratitude.

Place your Lakshmi Charm on your purse, backpack, keychain, lanyard, belt loop, pet's collar or leash, or anywhere else you'd like to infuse with abundant, wealth and growth-oriented energy. Always carry your Lakshmi charm with you to infuse your life with good luck, abundance and new opportunities! Make a wish and let your charm guide you!

To set your intention, rub your thumb in a circle over the Lakshmi pendant and say the Lakshmi mantra "Om shreem maha lakshmiyei namaha," which roughly translates to "my adoration to the great Lakshmi."

Touch each bead from the donut pendant to the top and say your mantra out loud each time.

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