Lavender + Olibanum Incense Sticks
Lavender + Olibanum Incense Sticks
Lavender + Olibanum Incense Sticks
Lavender + Olibanum Incense Sticks

Lavender + Olibanum Incense Sticks

Purify • Stress Relief • Unwind
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Whether you are winding down before bed or decompressing after a long day, this Lavender & Olibanum Stick is the perfect energetic combination to release unwanted energy while calming your mind, body and spirit.

When to use it: At the end of the day to wind down before bed

Eco-crafted with 9 thick 6" incense sticks

  • Unwind and Rejuvenate - Breathe in the scent of serenity, a perfect antidote to the hustle of everyday life. Our Lavender & Olibanum Incense Sticks invite you to indulge in a tranquil atmosphere as the sun dips below the horizon, signaling a time to release all that no longer serves you, and welcome a peaceful night's slumber.
  • Exclusive Energy-Clearing Duo - Infused with powerful properties, lavender is revered for its ability to cultivate peace and deeper sleep; olibanum (frankincense) known for its grounding and centering effects. Together, they form an irresistibly calming combination. Our incense sticks are your personal energy clearing ritual, perfect for purging negativity and achieving a state of harmony and balance at day's end.
  • A Spa for Your Soul - Envision a deeply relaxing spa experience, right in the comfort of your home. Each lavender and olibanum incense stick transports your senses, melting away tension and filling you with a sense of renewal and tranquility. This soothing symphony infuses your space with a restorative and purifying essence.
  • Spring into Serenity – When the crisp, clear days of Spring beckon to clean and renew, our incense sticks are a quintessential companion for enlivening your sanctuary. Perfect for those moments of energetic spring cleaning, they work tirelessly, ensuring that peace and positivity flourish within your home.
  • Experience Rejuvenation – Ready to raise the vibration and rejuvenate your spirit? Select the Lavender & Olibanum Incense Sticks for your nightly repertoire. Peace of mind is simply a breath away.

Open all your windows and doors. Light your incense stick with a lighter or candle towards the side (not the bottom). Wait to see smoke and place it in a fireproof container. Once you're finished, place the remnants in a fireproof bowl and add water.

Keep the burning incense away from any flammable materials. Keep away from children and pets. For external use only.

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