complete Lightkeeper Selenite Set including a round plate with Flower of Life etch detail and 7 Selenite tumbled stones by Energy Muse
Lightkeeper Selenite Set
woman holding Lightkeeper Selenite Plate set in both hands by Energy Muse
Lightkeeper Selenite Set
Lightkeeper Selenite Set

Lightkeeper Selenite Set

Healing • Manifestation • Magnification
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Elegant in its simplicity, this is the next level of energetic technology! The Lightkeeper Selenite Set creates an unstoppable portal — beam pure, high-vibrational healing white light to a loved one dealing with illness, grief, or any hardship.

  • You can also infuse your own wishes, prayers & intentions with amplified energy when you work with this essential and powerful Selenite set!
  • Features a Flower of Life, a sacred geometric pattern composed of multiple overlapping circles. Because it’s considered one of the basic building blocks of all life, it symbolizes growth, possibility, and limitless outward expansion.
  • In numerology, 7 symbolizes healing, magnifying the energy you want to beam to someone else or amplify your intention with. Think of the 7 stones as 7 powerful pillars of pure light.
  • Use 7 of your own tumbled stones to create portals to unlimited intentions! We also love adding photos in the center of the grid and placing crystals on top of our intentions.

Lightkeeper Selenite Set includes 1 plate and 7 Selenite tumbled stones • Plate’s diameter measures approx. 5½" • Tumbled Stones measure approx. 1" - 1¼" • Weighs approx. 31.7 ounces

The Selenite crystal meaning is connected to the energy of light and positivity, making it a powerful energy cleanser and amplifier. Because Selenite has the ability to clear and charge the energy of other crystals, it is often used as a plate on which you can place your stones to clear and activate them. This Selenite Grid Plate is designed to clear and active your stones, as well as your entire crystal grid layout. By building your grid on top of this Selenite grid plate, you can ensure that your crystals, intentions, and overall grid are energetically optimized and ready to support you.

This Selenite Grid Plate is engraved with the Flower of Life design, a sacred geometric pattern that represents spiritual completion. This symbolic pattern takes the energy of the Selenite grid plate to a whole new level, and is truly one of the best energy tools for any crystal grid layout.

To build a crystal grid layout with your Lightkeeper Selenite Set, follow these steps:

1. Fold your written intention and place it in the center of your Selenite crystal grid plate, in your sacred space. You can write down an intention, prayer or wish, either for yourself or someone in your life who may need some extra healing. You can also add a photo in the center of your plate. To boost the wish's energy, we sometimes place a crystal on top of the intention or photo.

2. State your intention aloud.

3. Set up the 7 Selenite tumbled stones in a corresponding divot.

4. Activate your grid with a crystal point (ideally, a Quartz crystal point). Take your crystal point in your hand, and starting from the outside, moving in a clockwise motion, draw an invisible line energetically connecting each stone. You can repeat your intention aloud if you would like while doing this.

5. Add candles, images, words, or other crystals around your crystal grid.

6. Connect with your grid each day. We recommend leaving it up for 21 or 40 days, or as long as it takes to bring your intention to life.

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