Mined in the USA Crystals

Mined in the USA Crystals #64

Ethically Sourced • Grounding • Prosperity
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Each crystal in this kit was hand-collected and ethically mined in the United States - it’s a true collector’s dream! The Selenite pieces were lightly polished, cleaned and charged under a waterfall (that’s fed by fresh springwater) by Mother Earth. While the Quartz and Garnet are completely raw, the Lepidolite was cut and polished by hand. Because these crystals were handled with the utmost care, love and respect from the minute they were mined, they hold a higher vibration than other crystals we’ve come across.

  • GOLDEN SELENITE (creamsicle Claim in Emery Utah): One of the rarest colors of Selenite, this crystal is a powerful tool for clearing and releasing stuck energy standing in the way of you harnessing your personal power.
  • CLEAR QUARTZ POINT (Collier Creek, Arkansas): This crystal is from the Quartz capital of the USA and said to be the purest quartz in existence. It carries the energy of clarity, focus and healing.
  • RAW GARNET (North River, New York): This raw, gemmy Garnet is the perfect crystal for grounding your energy, increasing your motivation and attracting wealth.
  • LEPIDOLITE (Pala, California): This natural source of calming lithium enhances your mood and facilitates a sense of well being in oneself.
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