Motivation Crystal Oil Roller
Motivation Crystal Oil Roller

Motivation Crystal Oil Roller

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On your mark, get set — FEELING STUCK? Sometimes we may feel like we’re a Lazy Sunday personified, but there’s sooo many tasks on your to-do list & no motivation with which to do them! When you’re running on empty, re-fill your energetic power tank with our new Motivation Crystal Oil Roller! It’s made with a Carnelian roller ball and Carnelian, Red Tiger’s Eye and Red Jasper crystal chips, as well as the aromatherapeutic powers of orange, vetiver, bergamot, and oak moss essential oils, to let you tap into to its stimulating energy when you are on-the-go. Whenever you need it, the Motivation Crystal Oil Roller is there to help you roll away your worries and find a more courageous state.

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