Mugwort Clearing Stick

Mugwort Clearing Stick

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Allow the sweet aroma of a Mugwort Clearing Stick to clear away darker energies from your spirit and space. This powerful herb stick is believed to promote dreams and prevent nightmares, making it a wonderful tool to use as part of your nighttime or pre-sleep ritual.

Mugwort is an aromatic plant and member of the Artemisia family. The sweet aroma of this herb gives it a unique energetic effect. Both a cleansing tool and an energy healing tool, a Mugwort stick can be used in a variety of healing practices and rituals. Whether you are looking to clear and cleanse your energy field or environment of lower vibrations, or want to harness its magical energy to enhance your dreams and tap into your subconscious mind, your Mugwort stick is ready to support you.

Much of the lore surrounding Mugwort stems from its ability to ward off darker energies. By preventing unwanted or negative energies from en

tering your dreams, energy field, or environment, the Mugwort keeps you feeling high vibe and clear. Incorporate this Mugwort stick into your spiritual practices and nighttime rituals to clear away the energy of the day and give yourself a clean energetic slate before you go to sleep. It is also a powerful tool to use to enhance your intuition and tap into a higher consciousness.

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For your personal energy: after lighting your Mugwort stick, hover it a few inches from your skin. Move it around your body from front to back, then head to toe to clear and cleanse your energy body.

For your environment: Open all doors and windows in your space. Burn your Mugwort stick and walk clockwise through your home, allowing the smoke to cleanse and clear the energy of your space.

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