Raw Cacoxenite Point
Raw Cacoxenite Point

Raw Cacoxenite Point

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A Raw Cacoxenite Crystal Point is a very powerful mineral that is all about increasing the good: high vibrations, increasing spirituality, boosting serenity, healing, compassion and more. It is the major mineral in the highly sought-after Super Seven Crystal, also known as Melody's Stone. Cacoxenite is believed to bring good into your life, encouraging you to focus on the positives in your life while letting go of negative attachments. This crystal helps you elevate your journey to the next level by opening your eyes to new perspectives and generating fresh new ideas.

Cacoxenite is one of those very rare and powerful "ingredients" that makes something good, even better. It manifests itself as beautiful golden, earthy brown inclusions within “host” minerals, usually quartz crystals. It is a mineral believed to bring good into your life, encouraging you to see the positive and beneficial aspects in your life. Cacoxenite crystals also facilitate one’s ability to let go and cleanse oneself of negative attachments.

Cacoxenite increases spiritual awareness on all levels and fosters a profound connection among all aspects of the universe. This rare mineral is particularly regenerative, not only for reprogramming the body's cells to continually renew themselves but also for the revitalization of the mind. Due to its extremely high-vibration, Cacoxenite crystals are wonderful crystals for crown chakra and third eye chakra healing and for those who are spiritually attuned. They center around opening the crown chakra, helping you to reach a deeper state of meditation. Cacoxenite properties instill peace and positivity, facilitating a clear understanding of your life's path and purpose, and aligning you with your spiritual path. Having an Cacoxenite crystal in your home or environment brings a sense of greater purpose, connection, and awareness to your spirit.


Lie on your back and place your Raw Cacoxenite Point over your third eye chakra (center of forehead) to open, align, and renew your ability to heal and access spiritual ascension.

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