close up of genuine Rose Quartz heart-shaped crystal pendant necklace on silver polished chain by Energy Muse
Rose Quartz Heart Pendant Necklace
Genuine Rose Quartz heart-shaped crystal pendant necklace on silver polished chain by Energy Muse on product card
3 genuine Rose Quartz heart-shaped crystal pendant necklace on silver polished chain by Energy Muse showing variation

Rose Quartz Heart Pendant Necklace

Love Magnet • Self-Love • Heart Healing
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The Rose Quartz crystal heart on your necklace has one job: to make sure you are surrounded by love. The soft energy of a Rose Quartz crystal necklace opens the heart chakra to both giving and receiving love. Through wearing your Rose Quartz Necklace you can connect with the Rose Quartz properties, which encourage tenderness, kindness, and compassion, especially toward yourself.

  • Before you can receive love from others, the Rose Quartz meaning reminds you to first love and cherish the relationship you have with yourself. Through learning to be in a healthy, loving relationship with yourself, your Rose Quartz pendant necklace prepares you for healthy, loving relationships with others in your life.
  • From your friends and family to a significant other, wearing a Rose Quartz pendant close to your heart infuses your relationships with more love.
  • Wearing your crystal necklace will help you to always remember that you are loved by others and by yourself. If you ever feel lonely or forget what love feels like, feel the heart-shaped Rose Quartz crystal near your heart and reconnect with the highest vibrations of love.

Pendant measures approx. ½" • Chain measures approx. 18” • Weighs approx. 0.15 ounces

Your Rose Quartz Heart Necklace harnesses the power of Rose Quartz to infuse your life and your energy field with the highest vibrations of love. Wearing this necklace on a daily basis allows you to rid yourself of any energetic debris that builds up and holds us back from experiencing love. By keeping the Rose Quartz heart crystal near your heart space, you can open yourself up to receive and carry the energy of love with you wherever you go.

Whether you’re manifesting a new relationship, deepening your relationships with loved ones or working on your relationship to self, embracing the energy of love can help you to be open to the love you wish to receive. This is the ultimate crystal addition for anyone with the intention of attracting more love into their life.

The Rose Quartz Heart Necklace is also a powerful tool for overall energy healing as it envelops you with the energy of love, the most healing of all frequencies. When you are aligned with and open to love, your energy can elevate far beyond the lower frequencies of anger, disappointment, or sadness.

Place your necklace around your neck, and say your intention out loud three times: My heart is open to the energy of love all around me.

Throughout the day, every time you feel your crystals around your neck and over your chest bring your intention to mind and visualize your heart opening up.

Before you go to sleep, take your necklace off and place it on top of a Selenite crystal to cleanse.

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