Rose Quartz Massage Wand

Rose Quartz Massage Wand

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Giving yourself or someone else a massage is often a service of love: your aim is to create a relaxed, caring, soothed result. And when you combine the inherent loving energy of a massage with the powerful loving energies of Rose Quartz, you get an amplified emotionally healing experience. This genuine Rose Quartz Massage Wand features 2 rounded ends, with one tapered end, that is perfectly handheld for acupressure use on the face. For an even more relaxing experience, store your Rose Quartz Massage Wand in the fridge - the cooling sensation on the skin will make the experience even more rewarding. By including this massage wand in your simple yet effective self-care practices, you work on releasing past heartache and opening yourself up to love.

A massage wand that’s crafted from authentic Rose Quartz adds even more benefit to the improved well-being, relaxation, and energy that one gains from a mindful massage with intention. This beautiful Rose Quartz massage wand possesses a strong love and compassion resonance, which will either help to amplify self-love or dispel negative energy or lack of self-compassion, depending on the intention you set before you began your massage. Without the need to put in too much effort, you’ll be able to stimulate all the acupressure points on the face, while also gently running the larger end of the wand to break up any tension. You will be able to feel that your circulation has been boosted and your skin gently revitalized.

It’s important to start with a powerful, specific intention you’d like to work with. Because this massage wand is made from 100% genuine Rose Quartz, it is best that you program the wand with an intention related to love, self-care, unconditional love, compassion and emotional healing.

Without overexerting any pressure, press the smaller tapered end on more delicate acupressure points on the face, such as near the eyes and around the nose, and the larger end of the wand on larger areas, just as the jaw and forehead.

Once completed, ensure that you clean the massage wand, both physically of any oils used during the massage, and energetically, by charging it on a Selenite cleansing plate.

This Rose Quartz Massage Wand can be used on sensitive, oily, normal, dry, combination, and mature skin.

Please note:

Do not use the Rose Quartz Massage Wand on broken or irritated skin. Do not use on sensitive areas like the eyes, throat, or any open wounds. If you notice any sensitivity or irritation, stop using the Massage Wand immediately and consult your doctor. Not a medical device.

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