Selenite Star Ornament Set
Selenite Star Ornament Set
Selenite Star Ornament Set
Selenite Star Ornament Set

Selenite Star Ornament Set

Light • Healing • Clearing Negativity
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Light up your holiday season with the new Selenite Star Ornament Set! Crafted exclusively for Energy Muse, this 4-Piece Selenite Star Ornament Set is an easy and beautiful way to light up your holiday season! As beacons of pure, clear, healing white light, these Selenite stars encourage an uplifting and positive dynamic for everyone in your home.

These stunning pieces were sourced from Morocco and hand-carved and drilled to make them hangable exclusively for us! Each star includes its own adjustable golden thread ribbon but can be easily replaced with a ribbon of your choice.

In the shape of a star, these Selenite ornaments make it easy for you to spread the hope, joy, and light of the festive season!

Set includes 4 3-inch wide stars • Each star weighs approx. 2.65 ounces

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Because they completely sold out in 48 hours, we are now opening preorders: Secure your Selenite Star Ornament Set NOW, by EOD November 9th, and get them in time for Christmas! Orders will begin shipping out at the second week of December - this will be your only opportunity to shop these again!

The sparkle season is in full joyful swing with this Selenite Star Ornament Set! It features 4 star-shaped Selenite pieces that you can hang on your tree, wreaths, and garlands for a touch of winter wonderland magic. The semi-translucent surfaces allow your holiday lights twinkle and reverberate through the room, while the Selenite itself keeps spirits bright, vibrations high and the mood festive.

Many people refer to Selenite as the stone of awareness, as it fosters the connection between your inner mystic and your conscious self—making it a must-have addition to your living spaces. Connecting with the serene, relaxing and purifying energy of selenite raises the vibration of the spaces it's in, and of the people within that space, making it a must-have for end-of-year get-togethers. Selenite also deepens your meditation, yoga practice or any other energy work connecting you with the high-vibrational energy of light. When you place a Selenite Star near a candle or Christmas lights, it illuminates the crystal, filling the entire room with positive, healing energy.

Not eligible for any promo codes, discounts, specials or offers.

Hang on your holiday trees, wreaths, or display anywhere you'd like to add a little more light and high-frequency energy.

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