Serpentine Money Bracelet
Serpentine Money Bracelet
Serpentine Money Bracelet

Serpentine Money Bracelet

Wealth • Prosperity • Opportunity
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As the most sought-after wealth tool in Feng Shui, our Serpentine Money Frogs have sold out 3X now – and for good reason! So how do you take the energy of the money frog and take it to the next level? Meet our newest wearable formula: the Serpentine Money Bracelet! Made with Serpentine for new opportunities, wealth and abundance and activated with red String, its energy is like taking your money-frog with you on-the-go!

Size: 7.5" with 6mm rondelle beads

Elevate your financial journey with the Serpentine Money Bracelet, a wearable version of our best-selling Serpentine Money Frogs. This powerful wearable formula harnesses the potent energy of Serpentine crystal, strung in the auspicious red string, to bring wealth and abundance wherever life takes you.

Key Features

Attracts Wealth and Prosperity

Serpentine is revered in Feng Shui for its remarkable ability to attract wealth and prosperity. By wearing the Serpentine Money Bracelet, you invite financial opportunities and abundance into your life, turning your aspirations into reality.

Enhances Manifestation

The Serpentine crystal is a catalyst for manifestation. It aligns your intentions with your actions, focusing your energy towards achieving your financial goals. Whether you seek more income, successful investments, or new business ventures, the Serpentine Money Bracelet is your ally in turning dreams into achievements.

Promotes Financial Wisdom

Financial acumen is essential for sustained wealth. The Serpentine Money Bracelet enhances your financial wisdom and decision-making abilities. It guides you to make smart investments, manage your finances effectively, and carve a path to long-term prosperity.

Encourages Positive Energy

Wearing the Serpentine Money Bracelet surrounds you with positive energy, creating an environment conducive to financial growth. This supportive aura helps you stay focused on your monetary goals and cultivates a mindset geared towards success.

Removes Financial Blockages

Financial roadblocks can hinder progress. The Serpentine Money Bracelet is believed to clear these blockages, allowing for a smoother flow of money and abundance. It helps break down barriers, paving the way for uninterrupted financial growth.

Increases Confidence and Ambition

Confidence and ambition are crucial for seizing wealth-building opportunities. The Serpentine Money Bracelet boosts your self-assurance and drive, empowering you to pursue your financial goals with renewed determination.

Why Choose the Serpentine Money Bracelet?

  • Proven Popularity: Our Serpentine Money Frogs have sold out three times due to their effectiveness. The Serpentine Money Bracelet encapsulates this energy, making it portable and easy to integrate into your daily life.
  • Wearable Wealth: Take the powerful benefits of Serpentine with you wherever you go. This bracelet is not just a piece of jewelry; it's a tool for attracting abundance and prosperity.
  • Aesthetic and Functional: The combination of Serpentine crystal and the red string is both visually appealing and spiritually potent. It's designed to be a constant reminder of your financial aspirations and goals.

1. Burn 1 Money Matrix incense each morning. The act of burning incense is a symbolic gesture that can strengthen your manifestations. It serves as a physical representation of your desire to attract wealth, reinforcing your intentions to the universe.

2. Place and activate your Money Frog. Place your frog with its mouth facing into your home. Once you place your frog, check in with it daily to make sure there’s no dust or clutter around it.

3. Wear your Serpentine Money Bracelet. Place your bracelet on your left wrist to keep you connected to your money frog on-the-go. This magnetizes your personal energy field to attract more wealth + opportunities.

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