Tangerine Quartz Crystal
Tangerine Quartz Crystal

Tangerine Quartz Crystal

Creativity • Sensuality • Passion
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These Tangerine Quartz crystals are wonderful for second or sacral chakra healing and balancing, promoting creativity, emotional balance and sensuality. Orange quartz reminds us to keep a healthy balance between the giving and receiving aspects of our relationships with friends, family and our partner. These natural and semi-polished Tangerine Quartz Crystal are a beautiful red-orange color and possess a very energizing, sweet and joyful energy about them. Each Tangerine Quartz Crystal is unique and will differ slightly in size, shape, color and pattern.

Measures approx. 2" - 3" • Weighs approx. 1.018 ounces

One of the most beneficial metaphysical properties of Tangerine Quartz is that it is believed to create better balance between the giving and receiving aspects of your relationships. Whether it is in your relationships with friends, family or a partner, you have to maintain balance between giving and taking time for yourself. When you forget to take that essential “me time,” you begin to feel frustrated and irritable, and that is carried forth into your relationships. Embrace the tangerine quartz meaning and know that you need to take that time to ask yourself, “What do I need?”

Tangerine quartz properties are wonderful for sacral chakra healing and balancing, which is why we often use these crystals in our chakra grid layouts for the second chakra. It is very activating and energizing to the sacral chakra, promoting creativity and sexuality. The tangerine quartz meaning seems to tell you to leave the past in the past. Working with these crystals is said to help you move forward, putting your past behind you to move towards bigger and better things. These orange quartz crystals are also said to help expand your mind to thoughts and ideas that are out of your comfort zone or belief system. Tangerine Quartz clusters are beneficial for emotional balance, helping to level out your emotions to calm your energy to get rid of feelings of panic.

Hold your Tangerine Crystal in your hands and rise at sunrise to plug into its energy. If you miss sunset, feel the renewing, empowering energy of a sunrise while holding your Tangerine Quartz as soon as you wake up.

State out loud what you will begin anew: “Today, I start fresh with new thoughts, new attitude, new project, implement new healthy lifestyle, etc”

At sunset, stand or sit outside and hold your Tangerine Quartz and reflect on your day.

Give yourself a moment to acknowledge 3 things that you did positively today. A little gratitude towards yourself -program this light into your energy.

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