Hand painted White and gold foil Moon Phase Singing Bowl by Energy Muse
Top view of Hand painted White and gold foil Moon Phase Singing Bowl, pillow and wood stick by Energy Muse

White Moon Phase Singing Bowl

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Make your energy sing with these intricate, hand-decorated white metal Singing Bowls. Just as the wrong sound can lower your energy, the right sound vibration can leave your spirit feeling renewed. Let the honeyed high note of this singing bowl resonate within your heart chakra. These singing bowls are meant to break up energy in a way that’s different from crystal singing bowls. If you’ve felt emotionally heavy lately, these are the sound bowls you need to break up that energy. A strike of this metal singing bowl will have you feeling back in-tune with your

For centuries, singing bowls have been used for sound therapy, healing and in meditation. The Singing Bowl is an instrument designed for powerful vibration and long lasting sustain, making them very powerful to have in your sacred space. The healing power of sound is one of the first natural methods of healing. The soothing nature of the sound of this singing bowl draws our focus and quiets our mind. The pure and gentle vibrations are renowned for the deep relaxation they provide. Sound waves vibrate through the body like a ripple on a pond, and slow our brainwaves inducing a deep and meditative state.

We often talk about cleansing the energy of your space with sage, but that’s just one of the many tools you can elevate the energy of your home. Sound energy is another method for purifying your home’s energy. The vibrations cast off by the bowl rattle the stubborn energy that has settled in your space. To use sound cleansing in your home, take your singing bowl around your space, and strike the bowl with your mallet to release the vibrations. Make sure to cleanse those often overlooked areas where energy tends to collect, like in corners, window sills, and doorways. For an optimal effect, use sound energy in combination with the smoke of sage as a one-two punch to rid stagnant energy.

Singing bowls have a similarly cleansing effect on your personal energy. In fact, singing bowls are widely used in sound healing to deepen meditation. One can almost feel the reverberating tone of this bowl vibrating in their chest.

Sit in a meditation pose on the ground, close your eyes, and use the mallet to strike the bowl. Embrace the sound within your spirit, and feel yourself accessing next-level peace and inner balance.

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