White Sage Incense Cones
White Sage Incense Cones
White Sage Incense Cones

White Sage Incense Cones

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A White Sage Incense Cone is the ultimate cleansing and clearing tool for your home. By purifying and eliminating negative energy, White Sage leaves your space free from unwanted or low vibrational energy so it can vibrate at the highest frequency. Burn your White Sage Herb Incense Cones to release unhelpful energies from your environment and your life. Burn a White Sage Incense Cone in your home whenever the energy feels dense or heavy. The powerful cleansing and clearing properties of White Sage allow you to remove the low vibrational energy from your environment, leaving your home free from the emotions and energies that do not serve your best interest. Comes with 5 incense cones.

White Sage Incense Cones are an especially powerful healing tool to use after an argument, illness, or difficult times when your home needs to hit the reset button. The burning sage carries away these stagnant or residual energies so your space can return to a positive, welcoming, comfortable state.

Sage is a plant whose scent is revered for its ability to purify, protect and elevate space. Not exclusive to space, sage incense cones are also a powerful ally for easing emotional flurries, and freeing the spirit up to accept the light of positivity. The influence that burning sage can have on one’s spirit and space lies within their intention.

For sage cleansing to work, you must focus your energy on a clear intention before burning it. With a raised awareness, we ascend beyond the energy clogs that blocked our intentions from maturing into reality. We are able to see situations more clearly, and our mind becomes open to forgiveness, compromise and other forms of emotional progress.

Burning sage incense cones can have a significant impact when used after an argument, after an illness, before and after parties, after an intense workout, prior to meditation, when moving into a new space and during periods of grieving. Proper use of a sage incense cone doesn’t have to include a complex ritual, but even a simple smoke cleansing can be enhanced by implementing certain tips. When wafting the sage around your space, be certain to pay extra attention to gateway areas like windows, doorways, hallways and closets. Make sure windows are open to allow ventilation so that the smoke does not become overwhelming. To direct the smoke, you can use one hand to hold the burning sage cone within an abalone shell or similar non-flammable bowl, and use your other hand or a feather to send the smoke where you’d like it to go.

Along with its healing properties for the spirit, the smoke of your white sage cone can instantly neutralize any odors in your home, which makes it a safe and natural alternative to other room sprays or air fresheners. If you feel a sense of heaviness in your home, it would also be a good time to give each room a sage burning session, which will clear and purify the air. We also recommend burning sage before any type of therapeutic session, whether it’s meditation, yoga, or another type of self-care.

Your White Sage Incense Cone will give off a sweet, fragrant scent when burned while also producing a lot of smoke. To start burning your incense, place the cone in a heat-proof container and light the tip of the cone so it produces a flame. Once the tip of the cone has an orange glow to it, your incense will automatically burn on its own, but if it goes out at any point, feel free to re-light. Holding the incense in both hands, visualize and say your intentions or prayers aloud.

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