triangular pyramid display shelf for crystals from Energy Muse
triangular pyramid display shelf for crystals from Energy Muse featuring multicolored crystals in different shapes and sizes.

Wood Pyramid

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A Wood Pyramid is the perfect decorative tool to store and display your crystals and jewelry. Whether you place it on your dresser, coffee table, windowsill, desk, or even hung with a nail on your wall, your Wood Pyramid will beautifully hold your crystals and allow you to see and interact with them daily, without all the clutter and mess. A Wood Pyramid is also the perfect place to keep the energies of your various crystals laser-focused and potent because you’re containing them in a pyramid, thereby tapping into the same strengths of the pyramid shape.

Placing your crystals all over your desk, nightstand, dresser, coffee table, or any other area can often feel messy and cluttered. However, storing them in a box or drawer where you cannot interact with them creates a disconnect and prevents the crystals from radiating energy into your space. Crystals want to be displayed! The Wood Pyramid is a beautiful, decorative, and functional way to store and display your crystals without any clutter.

Placing your crystals and jewelry in the Wood Pyramid allows you to interact with your energies and see them daily. The visual reminder of your crystals can help you live with intention each and every day. It also allows the stones to emit energy into your environment and keep your space high vibe.

Another benefit of the Wood Pyramid is that you can use it as part of your manifestation practices. Because of its stable base and pointed top, the pyramid shape is especially perfect for manifesting more quickly and getting those intentions of yours into motion.

Place your Wood Pyramid in your bedroom, workspace, living room, or any other area. Store your crystals, crystal jewelry, and other energy tools inside to display them in a convenient, decorative way. You can also use your Wood Pyramid to supercharge your intentions by writing them down on a loose piece of paper and placing your pyramid on top of it.

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