Crystal Friendships: Show Them You Care with These 4 Crystals
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Crystal Friendships: Show Them You Care with These 4 Crystals

We all know there’s nothing quite like the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you receive positive energy from your friends. Small gestures, like a big bear hug, sharing a funny meme, and receiving an out-of-the-blue “thinking of you!” text message can totally make your friends’ day, no matter what their day brings. 

Like little tangible pieces of pure positive energy, crystals make the perfect gift to show your friends support, strengthen your bond, connect over long distances, and help you make you strike up a new friendship! If you’re looking for a quick, easy, and powerful way to remind them — and yourself — how much you value your relationships, small and meaningful gifts like crystals for friendship can have the biggest impact. When you give someone a crystal, you’re giving them an energy that lifts up their spirit. Give a gift that’s as special as they are. Crystals for friendship are just as important as crystals for love, wealth, health and more! 

The 4 Best Crystals for Friendship: 

Angel Aura Quartz to remind them that they’re your favorite person to go on adventures with.

Aquamarine to tell them what a beautiful influence they have on your life. 

Rose Quartz to strengthen your loving bond.

Unakite to show your gratitude for their presence in your life.

Crystals for friendship and love

Rose Quartz is an all-time MVP crystal when it comes to friendships and love! The love between friends is as important, and can be as transformative and empowering as a romantic relationship or family relationship. Rose Quartz helps you lead with love, strengthening your self-love so you can show up in your friendships as your best and strongest version of yourself. When you feel secure, you're able to be there for your friends and to have endless reserves of compassion and care. Crystals for friendships can vary, but Rose Quartz is undeniably one of the best and most powerful stones you could work with! 

Crystals for friendships that you’ve had for a long time 

It’s important that we always make the effort to keep our friendships healthy and invigorating! New friendships are always a blessing, but old friendships have their own charm. Ensure that you’re always keeping that “fire” alive and showing your friend how much you appreciate all the years you’ve spent together with an Angel Aura Quartz. Simply by looking at it you’ll feel a spark of infectious joy and happiness that will remind you of the most fun times you had with your friends and remind you that there are so many more fun and joyful times like those ahead of you both! 

Crystals for long distance friendships

Social media and smartphones may be wonderful tools for those of us in long distance friendships and relationships, but there is nothing quite like having a tangible energy support that will keep us connected and bonded with our friends who live far away. Unakite and Citrine are good crystals for friendship because they not only keep your heart grateful, but also remind you of all the joy, giggles and good times you spent together! That kind of good energy can travel, no matter how far apart you and your friend may be. 


I want to choose a gift for my friend, but I’m overwhelmed by the many options, shapes, colors, and energies! If I wanted to pick the best one, what crystal is for friendship? 

Our favorite method to choose a crystal for someone else is to think about your friend and then browse through several and notice which ones seem to jump out at you. Trust your intuition! It's helping you connect your friends’ warm and loving frequencies with the crystals in front of you. 

I had a “friend breakup” and want to try and make amends. Which crystal will help the most? 

Golden Healer Quartz is all about healing emotional hurts, keeping the energy harmonious, yet allows us to communicate sincerely and speak our truths without feeling afraid. 

I would like to make new friends but I don’t know where to start! I’m in a local book club, but what else can I do to help me make friends? Which crystals for manifestating friendship should I use? 

Carnelian is a great stone for confidence in all things, and being confident is so important to starting new relationships of all kinds, even friendships! Show up as your best self and you will attract the people who belong in your life. We also love Amazonite to make it easy for you to go with the flow and not get too caught up in “results” or a sense of “failing” if you find it a little hard to make friends. With Amazonite, you find joy in the process, are able to relinquish control, and be accepting of yourself and your friendship journey! When you are relaxed and prone to having fun, your easy-going spirit is more conducive to striking up friendships. 

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