Developing Intuition with Healing Crystals
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Developing Intuition with Healing Crystals

If you’re someone who often misreads the intentions of others, misinterprets signals or misses red flags altogether, you may have concluded that you have no intuition. The truth is, we all have intuition, but some are definitely more in touch with their intuition than others. But that doesn’t mean we can’t all work on developing intuition from time to time.

Intuition is a leftover vestige of our primal ancestors. While this instinct was once a helpful tool for alerting early man to danger in the wild, today, intuition is a valuable asset for other reasons. Still useful for warning us when we’re in sketchy situations, intuition can also be used to steer us toward what we truly want in life. When we can’t make up our minds between moving in one direction or another, intuition can be our guide. But how do you tap into your intuition when it seems that you have none at all? Like a lot of things, developing intuition just takes practice.

By simply opening yourself up to listen to and trust your instincts, you will begin to pick up on things you may have missed in the past. Through opening your mind to listen to the signals your body is sending you, you will soon be able to distinguish between the voice in the back of your head telling you what to do, and the quiet tug of your intuition. Using healing crystals can help you to tune into that pull, and make the presence of intuition ring stronger in your body.

Heather’s Favorite 3 Crystals for Developing Intuition

Spectrolite Labradorite

Stones that connect to and open your third eye are especially conducive to intuition building. That’s what makes a Labradorite stone on the third eye so powerful to this intention. In our shop, the type of Labradorite we carry is actually often referred to as Spectrolite from Madagascar. Spectrolite is ultra high-grade labradorite that illuminates with a full spectrum of colors when exposed to light. It is thought of as a transformation stone because of its ability to reveal hidden truths and induce breakthrough moments. Place your Labradorite stone on the third eye. Who comes to mind? Call this person. Often this practice will lead to the other person saying that you were on their mind as well. It’s not that you weren’t thinking of this person before, it’s just that you didn’t realize this person was on your mind until you opened up your third eye.


The amethyst meaning will also bring you to better recognize your intuition. As a stone that brings a lot of clarity, Amethyst soothes away the worries that are clogging your mind, and allows you to relax into your intuitive leanings. After helping to clear the energy field, an amethyst healing properties on your third eye chakra will act as a violet flame, burning away all of the toxic negativity to reveal what you most need to see.


Fluorite is another stone that will boost your intuitive capabilities. Helping you to breathe through stress and find an inner peace, fluorite allows you to recognize the truths that were hiding beneath your anxiety. Anxiety tends to be a loud influence in our lives, masking what our intuition is trying to tell us. By removing that background noise with fluorite energy, you can better hear your intuition.

How to Flex Your Intuitive Muscle

Right now, there are many people looking for ways to begin developing intuition. People are looking to empower their strongest selves. Growing your intuitive abilities is the perfect way to do that because they help you to recognize more creative skillsets, and thus further increase your personal power. One simple thing you can do to tap into your intuition, is to state something that you want to create or understand, out loud. Your voice gives an intention power. Say aloud: I open up my intuition. I am intuitive. By doing this, you’re cellularly opening your mind up to be more intuitive.

Saying intentions in that positive and active state will help bring about a transformation. With a crystal for intuition on the third eye, repeat your intention for 3 minutes a day, for 11 days straight. This will program the mind and body to channel your intuition. Write about what intuitive signals you recognized in a journal each day. Through this, you will recognize that we are all intuitive, as long as we stay open to reading the signs.

Heather Askinosie
Heather Askinosie is a crystal expert and leading influencer on the power of crystals, Feng Shui and holistic healing. For nearly 30 years, she has been researching the scientific and spiritual aspects of energy. After studying with the best healers from all over the world, she has used the past three decades of her career to translate ancient wisdom into simple tools that anyone can use to transform their life. In 2000, she co-founded Energy Muse with business partner, Timmi Jandro. Energy Muse provides tools of empowerment and inspiration in the tangible form of jewelry and crystals. Her crystal teachings can be found in her book Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals to Tune into the Real You as well as mindbodygreen, Well+Good, The Chalkboard Mag, and more. Learn more about Heather at

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