You Need Celestite If...

Do you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep? Do worries and to-do lists keep you up at night? Could your bedroom use an extra dose of peace and tranquility? If you said yes to any of these questions or are looking for a crystal to help you sleep well, you’ve come to the right place. Our selection of celestite crystals are here to help with all things sleep-related. 

An Introduction to Celestite Healing Properties

The dreamy sky blue color and the celestial vibes are what give the Celestite meaning such a heavenly energy. Just by looking at it you will feel and experience the calming and soothing effect of the Celestite properties on your mind, body and spirit. Harness the calming, peaceful energy of the Celestite stone and use it like a lullaby for your soul, calling you out of a spiritual nightmare and guiding your inner spirit towards light and high vibrations. Similarly, working with the Celestite healing properties help to put your body at ease so you can truly rest and relax. This all-around calming effect is what makes the Celestite meaning such a powerful crystal ally for relieving stress and anxiety, and it also makes it one of the best crystals for sleep.

History & Lore

The subtle, baby blue hue of this stone is where Celestite got its name. The Celestite crystal meaning comes from the Greek word heavenly. When it was originally discovered in 1791, it was named Fasriger Schwerspath. And that mouthful didn’t get much better in 1797, when it was renamed Schwefelsaurer Strontianite Aus Pennsylvania. The next year, thankfully, it was named Zoelestine, which is the German spelling that’s based on the Greek word for “of the sky”. And that’s how it finally came to be Celestine, which later became the now popularized, Celestite. Some have reverted back to using the name Celestine, but most still call it Celestite—because we have to stick with one name at some point! 

Legend says the Celestite crystal meaning holds the wisdom of the ages, gifted by the star group of the Pleiades. 

Origin & Regionality

Celestite is found in Egypt, Madagascar, Mexico, Poland, and the United Kingdom.

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Celestite Meaning

The high vibrations of the Celestite crystal healing properties stimulate and support the throat, third eye, and crown chakras, making it an excellent stone for an overall spiritual detox. Celestite helps ease the transition into a peaceful state of awareness, which can be challenging for a troubled mind amped up with conflict and frustration. Just by gazing upon its heavenly color, the Celestite crystal inspires deep relaxation by restoring your natural state of joy. But for an even deeper and more powerful therapeutic session, meditate with the Celestite crystal stone meaning to align with its high frequency

Because of its connection to the higher chakras, the Celestite crystal meaning can address a range of intentions related to your thoughts and state of mind. Whether you are looking for support navigating stressful situations or feelings of anxiety, or you could use a little help in the sleep department, Celestite can help you achieve your desired result

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Sleeping Well

The Celestite crystal is one of the top crystals for sleep. Because it has such a soothing and calming energy, the Celestite crystal meaning brings tranquility and harmony into your space, the perfect medicine for a restful sleep. Besides creating an ideal environment for sleep, this stone also works to address your own personal energy. It guides you to put your to-do lists on hold and clear your head so you can rest and recharge without thoughts and worries keeping you awake. 

Once you fall asleep, the Celestite crystal meaning also helps you stay asleep. Known for preventing nightmares, it’s a powerful tool for combatting disturbing or panic-filled dreams that may disrupt your rest. Working with this stone by bringing it into your bedroom can usher you into a deep sleep that will rejuvenate your spirit and recharge your energetic battery.

The Celestite crystal stone meaning has a multi-layered energy. The soft blue color gives the stone a soft and gentle touch, while its jagged edges and ice-like quality pierces through heavy, dense, or dark energy. This combination of soft, effective energy is exactly what you need to help you fall and stay asleep. 

Calming Your Mind

The same qualities that make the Celestite crystal stone such a powerful sleep aid also give it a calming effect that helps with managing stress, anxiety and over lower vibrations. The Celestite crystal meaning cools off fiery emotions and reassures you so you can find your center and come back to your breath. Not only does it help you reach a calm state of being, but it also clears away any remaining negative energy. When your mind is running a million miles an hour or anxiety is taking control, use this stone to raise your vibration and connect with a higher frequency to rise above unwanted energy and lower vibrations. 

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How to Use Your Celestite Crystal

How to use your Celestite Crystal for Sleeping Well  

Our favorite way to use the Celestite properties for sleep is to create a crystal program for yourself. By wearing Celestite crystal jewelry, carrying the stone, and incorporating it into your space, you can set yourself up for deep, restful sleep.


Wearing Celestite in the form of jewelry is a powerful way to connect with the stone’s energy throughout the day and at night, and even as you sleep. Your bracelet, necklace, or earrings can put your mind at ease and act as an energetic security blanket to protect you from lower vibrations.  


Besides wearing jewelry, carrying the stone with you and placing your Celestite stone on your forehead before you go to sleep can calm your thoughts and help you settle down before bed. Meditate with the crystal and let its soft and effective energy prepare you for rest.


The last step in your crystal program for sleep is to bring the stone into your environment. Place it on your nightstand, dresser or somewhere else in your bedroom to create a calm and tranquil environment that will help you sleep soundly through the night.

Celestite Crystal Intention for Sleep: when working with Celestite for sleep, use the following crystal intention: “I sleep soundly.”

How to use your Celestite Crystal for Calming Your Mind   

To practice maintaining your sense of calm throughout the day, create a Celestite crystal program for yourself that includes wearing it, carrying it, and placing it in your space. 


Wearing Celestite jewelry allows you to access its comforting and calming vibrations throughout the day. Whether you wear it over your heart as a necklace, on your wrist as a bracelet, or even as earrings, this crystal will calm your mind and put your spirit at ease so you can navigate stress, anxiety, tension, or other lower vibrations from a higher state of being.  


To enhance your crystal practice for calming your mind, body and spirit, keep a piece of Celestite in your environment. The soothing blue hues and high vibrations of this stone will infuse your space with uplifting energy to help you find peace and calm no matter what else is going on around you. 


To complete your crystal practice, place a Celestite crystal in your space. Place it somewhere prominent in your home where you will see it every day as a reminder to maintain your sense of calm.  

Celestite Crystal Intention for Calm: When working with Celestite to calm your mind, use the following crystal intention: “I am calm.”

Cleanse and activate your crystal to enhance the Celestite meaning

One of the reasons crystals are excellent tools for energy healing is because they absorb any toxic or stagnant energy. That's why it's important to always clear and activate your crystals before programming them with an intention. Cleansing and recharging with these effective methods will boost the energy of the Celestite meaning, allowing you to connect on an even deeper level with its unique properties to achieve the best results.

The sun

As a giver of life to all the plants and animals on earth, the sun is incredibly powerful at cleansing and recharging the energy of crystals. An easy way to recharge the energy of the Celestite crystal meaning is to place it outside for 4 hours or more, allowing the bright sunlight to burn away any old energy and renew its frequencies with vitality and light.

Full moon

Another method for cleansing and activating the Celestite stone is to bathe it in the light of a full moon. Restore the frequencies of the Celestite stone meaning to the brightest form by placing them under the full moon for 4 hours or longer. 


One of the most powerful crystals for cleansing and purifying energy, a Selenite charging plate can serve as an elegant display for your Celestite stone while also recharging and cleansing its vibrations. Along with other crystals in your collection, place the Celestite on the Selenite stone for 4 hours or more.


Maximize the frequencies and properties of the Celestite meaning with the healing vibrations of sound. Our favorite types of sound for breaking up any stuck or stored energy is Tibetan singing bowls, the ohm mantra, or Beethoven's 5th Symphony. Download and play the music, allowing your crystals to bathe in the cleansing vibrations and restoring harmony through the frequency of sound. 


Used by indigenous tribes for thousands of years, the smoke of Sage is a powerful cleansing tool that instantly carries away toxic, unwanted energy, allowing you to get the most out of Celestite meaning and uses. A daily cleansing practice with your crystals also gives you a chance to reinforce your intentions. With the Sage stick pointing down at an angle for easy burning, light it and let the flame burn for 30 seconds, then blow on it and envelop your crystal in the smoke. For another layer of cleansing power, you can also add the smoke of the sweet smelling Palo Santo, a sacred healing wood. 

Crystal combinations to boost the Celestite meaning  

If anxious thoughts are keeping you from a restful sleep, combining the properties of the Celestite crystal meaning with Clear Quartz in a therapeutic meditation session is the gentle yet effective healing you need. 

How to use this Celestite crystal meaning with Clear Quartz 

While staying mindful of your intention, allow the Clear Quartz to purify your chakras, giving you a sense of clarity as the Celestite carries away tension and stress.

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