A Room-by-Room Guide to Using Crystals for the Home
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A Room-by-Room Guide to Using Crystals for the Home


“Home base” may be a term that comes from baseball, but it’s so fitting! Nothing’s more important than your home base: where you go to recharge, to renew, to rest, be at peace, create meals and spend quality time with your family and — of course — with yourself. 

Our homes are hands-down one of the most important spaces in our lives. Our homes are deeply personal spaces. They can act as mirrors: they reflect our personality and our interests. Because of this, it shouldn’t be surprising that they reflect our energy as well. When there’s tension between people in the home, the home energy feels tense. When you’re sad or grieving, the home holds the space of that darkness. And when your mind is cluttered with chaotic thoughts, disarray will often manifest within the home as well. 

That’s why it’s so important to not only cleanse the energy of the home regularly, but also fill it back up with love and light. The more you transform the home into a space of radiant positivity, the more you will inspire your spirit to vibrate at the same level. Crystals for the home help you to set the tone for your space and spirit.

So whether you’re feeling creatively, romantically or financially blocked, there is a stone that can help you to tap into the energy you need for a breakthrough. Want a little more romance in the bedroom? There’s a stone for that. Need to calm anxious thoughts? There is most definitely a stone for that. Explore the endless possibilities of these healing tools with this quick guide to crystals for the home! We’re taking you room-by-room to help you remove the guesswork from choosing crystals for the home.

An Insider Guide to Crystals for the Home

Crystals for the Office: Boost Creativity, Drive, and Productivity! 

Aventurine, Black Tourmaline, Carnelian, Malachite, Phantom Quartz, Pyrite, Tiger’s Eye, Shungite 


Your office is a place where you can concentrate and be productive. It’s best to keep this space uncluttered and organized, so you can work without distraction. These crystals will keep the energy of your office in tune with financial abundance, business savvy, and mental focus.

AVENTURINE - Place it on your desk for luck, prosperity, and a competitive edge.

BLACK TOURMALINE - Place it on your desk near your computer, phone, and any other electronic devices to help protect you from electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Black Tourmaline will also energetically shield you from office tension.

CARNELIAN -  Keep it somewhere you can easily hold when you need creative inspiration and new ideas. Carnelian will also bring you confidence in your decisions. 

MALACHITE - Place it over your business deals that are heading in the wrong direction, bills you’ve been stressing over, and business transactions that you need clarity on. Malachite helps to transform finances and encourages you to approach challenging situations with new ideas and creative solutions.

PHANTOM QUARTZ - Place it on top of your desk to assist you in bringing stressful work situations to the surface. Once you address them head on, this crystal helps you break through to a solution. 

PYRITE - Place it over your business card, proposal, or pending contract. Pyrite clears the way for wealth and acts as a money magnet. Bring in the energy of a Pyrite Crystal to promote a wealth of ideas, opportunities and confidence in the office. Set the Pyrite on top of your business card to manifest abundance. The courage, motivation and overall sense of abundance you feel when connected with Pyrite’s energy will drive you to take those necessary risks or capitalize on opportunities for growth.

TIGER’S EYE - Place it on your desk to help you stay focused. Tiger’s Eye maximizes your productivity, gives you the courage to take calculated risks, and motivates you to work hard.

SHUNGITE - An important stone for the work desk or home office, Shungite is one of the natural antioxidants found in the stone’s fullerenes. Unlike any other stone on Earth, this stone, found only in Russia, can absorb and neutralize the electromagnetic radiation (EMF) put out by electronic devices. If your desk is covered with a computer, tablet, phone or other electronic devices, this stone can be useful in combating that energy. It also connects with the root chakra, which will benefit your work by keeping you grounded and helping you to harness courage and resourcefulness.

Crystals for the Bedroom: Rest, Recharge, and Revamp the Romance 

Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Selenite 

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It should be tranquil, calm, and peaceful. When it comes to crystals in the bedroom, less is more. Crystals are amplifiers, so for some people, the buzz of energy that they carry can prevent restful sleep. If you are sensitive to energy or have a hard time sleeping, try removing all crystals and adding them back one at a time. See how it feels after a few days. Did you sleep better? Did the room feel more tranquil? It’s important to find a balance of crystal energy that works for you, so add and subtract crystals as needed before you decide on your bedroom crystal configu- ration.

Besides a peaceful and relaxing energy, these crystals also infuse your bed- room with love and romance to enhance your love life.

AMETHYST - Place it on your nightstand or dresser to fill your bedroom with relaxing and calming energy. Surrendering to sleep and rest is easy when you’re relaxed from the energy your Amethyst emits.

ROSE QUARTZ - Looking for crystals to help you sleep and promote relaxation? What better crystal to have in the bedroom than one that invokes feelings of peace and unconditional love? Rose Quartz to the rescue! This stone connects with the heart chakra to open the soul up to vulnerabilities, and promote love in relationships. It is the quintessential stone for rediscovering self-love, as it brings you to realize that you deserve the same compassion and understanding that you give to others. Those with families can benefit from rose quartz especially. With a soft energy, rose quartz soothes the remaining tensions from the day, and keeps you from going to sleep angry as it influences empathy, forgiveness, and lowered stress.

Place 2 pieces in the far-right corner from the front door of the bedroom. Two pieces are symbolic of two people in a relationship. You can also place a piece of Rose Quartz at the leg of each of the four corners of your bed to encompass the bed with the energy of love.

SELENITE - Because having an energetically clean room is a total must over at Energy Muse HQ, having a natural energy cleanser like Selenite under the bed or pillow is a must-have for restful sleep and sweet dreams. This crystal of “liquid light” maintains an energetically light and charged environment. If you want to create an ambience full of cleansed, uplifting vibes, use a Selenite Lamp. The soft luminescence that Selenite Lamps put out will offer the perfect mood lighting for when you just want to rest and recharge your spirit with a good book in bed. 

Place it under the bed, on the nightstand, or on the windowsill to clear, purify, and raise the vibrational energy of the room. 

Crystals for the Kid’s Room: Create a Heavenly Space for Your Little Angels

Angel Aura Quartz, Azurite, Celestite, Fluorite, Rose Quartz, Selenite 

Crystals aren’t just for adults! Crystals, especially the ones listed here, can be just as beneficial for little ones as they are for us grown-ups. When placed in a kid’s bedroom, these crystals work to keep the environment light, joyful, and free of the heebie-jeebies and nighttime scaries. Use these crystals to set your kids up to feel safe and sound in their room.

ANGEL AURA QUARTZ - Place it on a nightstand or dresser to infuse the room with playful and lighthearted energy. This stone’s sparkle will light up your child’s room with its whimsical nature.

AZURITE - Place it on your child’s desk or workspace. Azurite inspires concentration and focus, just what your kid needs to retain information from school.

CELESTITE -  Place it by the bed to help your child sleep like a baby — at any age! Its calming, high-vibrational energy is exactly the energy needed to keep bad dreams and monsters at bay.

FLUORITE - Keep it somewhere visible to infuse the room with an air of wishes and magic. This rainbow stone is all about delivering peace, positivity, and otherworldly dreams.

ROSE QUARTZ - Place it somewhere prominent to fill the room with love. There’s something special about our kids knowing and feeling how loved they are. Rose Quartz takes all that love and amplifies it.

SELENITE - Keep it on all windowsills to purify the energy in the room and raise the vibration. A Selenite crystal will make sure that your kid’s room has a constant flow of positivity.

Crystals for the Kitchen: Cook Up A Little Love and Harmony 

Apatite, Carnelian, Citrine, Clear Quartz, Fluorite, Sodalite  

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It is a place to both nourish and create. These crystals will help to keep this essential room full of liveliness and positivity.

APATITE - Place it near your cookbooks for inspiration and flexibility. Try something totally new, and expand 

CARNELIAN - A dynamic crystal, Carnelian emits an energy as bright as its fiery orange surface. This stone works for the kitchen because it delivers confidence, boosts creativity, stimulates motivation and increases stamina. Cooking is hard work. Carnelian will aid in lessening the physical toll that cooking takes on the body, and inspire you to take bold risks in those recipes. As a stone of creativity and passion, a Carnelian by your cook books will help spice up your recipes!

CITRINE - Place it on a windowsill where the sunlight will hit it. Allow this crystal to radiate happy, uplifting, and positive energy into the entire room. Citrine fills our spirit and space with joy as we prepare food. The best tasting food is prepared with a positive spirit, so ensure that the kitchen maintains a happy ambiance with Citrine. When the sun hits this happy stone, it will send sparkles and rainbows into your kitchen. Let motivation and joy that Citrine inspires enhance every meal!

CLEAR QUARTZ - Just like Citrine, we love placing a Clear Quartz on a windowsill where sunlight will hit, allowing Clear Quartz to beam prisms of light throughout the kitchen. This crystal purifies and clears the room’s energy. On top of your table, place a Clear Quartz, which keeps the energy pure and clean. When sunlight hits the Clear Quartz, it streams rainbows into the space and transforms it into a positive place for family meals. 

FLUORITE Place it on a table or counter so its beautiful layers can fill your kitchen with rainbow energy. This crystal also encourages organization and peace within the space.

SODALITE Place it on your dining-room table for harmonious communication with family and friends. Not only will everyone you’re enjoying dinner with feel comfortable enough to speak up and add to a lively conversation, but it will keep the mood upbeat, loving, and gently understanding. Some of the best — and most important — conversations are had over meals, and Sodalite will help activate everyone’s throat chakras for free-flowing conversations and laughter. 

Crystals for the Living Room: Invite Harmony Over for Some Quality Time

Amethyst, Apophyllite, Selenite, Shungite, Fluorite 
Your living room is where you spend most of your time at home. This room should be filled with warmth, love, and positive energy. These crystals work to ensure that your living room stays at a high vibration.
AMETHYST - Place it somewhere visible to remind yourself to sit back and relax. Amethyst creates a spa-like environment in whatever room it’s in, making it a perfect addition to your living space. Stress-relieving Amethyst is ideal for generating a relaxing, rejuvenating space. It acts as an air purifier, clearing negativity and emitting positive energy. Amethyst has a very protective energy that also continuously brings you light and abundance. It’s one of those crystals for the home that you can’t go wrong placing in any room of the house! To get that amethyst energy emitting in every direction of your living room, try an amethyst cluster. Covered in amethyst points, these unique stones will send calm, soothing energy throughout your entire space. 
APOPHYLLITE - Place it in a prominent area where it can easily be seen. This sparkly crystal emits rays of positivity and lifts up the energy of any room.
SELENITE - Place it on the windowsill to cleanse the environment in your living room. Selenite fills the room with light and positivity, lifting up the space.
SHUNGITE - Place it next to all electronic devices to help neutralize the harmful EMFs in the room. Shungite can also be placed in the corners of any room as an extra layer of energetic shield.
FLUORITE - Place a piece of Fluorite on your coffee table to bring balance and harmony to the space. Fluorite helps you find balance within the spirit, and sort through any stress or worries clogging your mind. Having it in the living room will cultivate an air of grounded positivity that is perfect for harmonious get togethers and relaxing night’s in.

Crystals for the Bathroom: Create a Mini Oasis 

Aquamarine, Ocean Jasper, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz
Your bathroom is home to some of your most important everyday self-care rituals, so it’s important to make this a room where you can take proper care of yourself. These crystals will create an elevated environment where you can get ready for the day each morning and prepare for bed each night.
AQUAMARINE - Keep it near your bathtub to infuse the water with its calming and rejuvenating energy. It can also be placed on the shower floor for a similar effect. Keeping it in your bathroom will remind you to accept yourself fully every time you look in the mirror.
OCEAN JASPER - Keep it next to your sink. Look at it often as a reminder to take the time to prioritize and nurture yourself.
ROSE QUARTZ - Keep it next to your skin and beauty products to remind you to nurture your inner and outer beauty. Place a piece of Rose Quartz in a quart of water and allow it to sit for 4 hours. Splash the “beauty water” on your face whenever you want a “beauty pick-me-up.” This loving stone has the gentle energy you want to relax into when you’re washing away the stress of the day. Having a rose quartz in the bathroom will remind you to indulge in self-care. Even the act of washing your face or rinsing off in the shower can feel like a practice in wellness when you connect with the loving, self-worth of Rose Quartz energy. Add a little luxury to your nightly routine by using your Rose Quartz Eye Mask or Crystal Roller. The Rose Quartz will infuse your products with love so that you can rub that supercharge energy into your skin!
CLEAR QUARTZ - The bathroom is a place of cleansing, and as the primary cleansing stone, Clear Quartz is a perfect asset to this space. By connecting with Clear Quartz, you can purify your spirit at the same time as you cleanse your body. Have it by the shower or bath to enhance the energy of cleansing. Clear Quartz is an amplifier, and works to magnify the energy of your spirit. Come out of this space feeling squeaky clean from head to toe— and crown chakra to root chakra — using Clear Quartz energy.

Crystals for the Meditation Space: Infuse Your Practices with Energy

Azurite, Golden Healer Quartz, Labradorite, Moonstone, Phantom Quartz, Rhodonite 

Your meditation space is the spot in your home that you come to when it’s time to get quiet. Keep this space full of all your favorite calming, enlightening, and mind-expanding stones to help you get the most out of your meditation.

AZURITE - Hold a piece in each hand to give you the quiet and focused mind- set you need to stay present in your meditation.

GOLDEN HEALER QUARTZ - Place it on an altar or in front of you on the floor where you meditate to remind you that you are a healer. Put all other emotions and conflict aside and say out loud, “Healer, heal thyself!”

LABRADORITE - Hold one in each hand whenever you want to go beyond old thoughts and beliefs. Labradorite will help you to expand your limitless mind and move past limiting beliefs.

MOONSTONE - Meditate with it to raise your spiritual awareness. Moonstone is aligned with the moon and the divine to illuminate your path and purpose in life.

PHANTOM QUARTZ - Hold it in meditation when you want to have a breakthrough. Before you begin meditating, hold it in your dominant hand and say out loud one area of your life in which you need a breakthrough. Let your meditation and your crystal help you to break through to that next level.

RHODONITE - Place it on an altar or in an area within your meditation space where you can see it often. Rhodonite is a helpful tool to soften your heart and encourage forgiveness.

A Crystal for the Front Door: Let Good Vibrations In 

You may have an alarm system, but that’s not going to help when bad energy is trying to enter your space. Always have a piece of Black Tourmaline by the front door. Black Tourmaline is a highly cleansing, but also protective stone. It helps to purify you of any energy you don’t want to bring home with you after a long day, and casts an energy shield over your home to keep others from sending their negative energy your way. Crystal expert, Heather Askinosie, recommends placing a piece of Black Tourmaline in a bowl of equal parts salt and water. She has each member of her family make their own bowl, and set their own intention for protection with each piece of black tourmaline. That way, everyday when they come home, they can each connect with their Black Tourmaline stone to connect with the energy of their cleansed intention.

If you’re worried about someone stealing your crystal outside the front door, you can also hide the Black Tourmaline in the soil of a potted plant. Not only will this protect your protection stone, the soil will also keep your crystal charged!

Crystals for the Garden: Harvest Some Peace and High Vibrations 

This combination of crystals for the garden works as well for green thumbed savants as for their less cultivation-capable friends. If you tend to stick to cactuses for fear of killing yet another potted plant, boost your confidence and the energy of your garden with these crystals for the home, and give gardening another try. Green Aventurine guides earthly energy up into the roots to pulse vitality throughout your plants. Bury it into the soil of your garden or potted plant with clear quartz for energy amplification. Clear Quartz can also aid you in programming your garden with the intentions you want to set. Set those intentions with a quick meditation in the garden. Focus on what you want for your plants, and how you want to treat them. If watering is something you always forget, set an intention to be more mindful and attentive to your garden, and then bury the quartz into the earth.

Heather Askinosie
Heather Askinosie is a crystal expert and leading influencer on the power of crystals, Feng Shui and holistic healing. For nearly 30 years, she has been researching the scientific and spiritual aspects of energy. After studying with the best healers from all over the world, she has used the past three decades of her career to translate ancient wisdom into simple tools that anyone can use to transform their life. In 2000, she co-founded Energy Muse with business partner, Timmi Jandro. Energy Muse provides tools of empowerment and inspiration in the tangible form of jewelry and crystals. Her crystal teachings can be found in her book Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals to Tune into the Real You as well as mindbodygreen, Well+Good, The Chalkboard Mag, and more. Learn more about Heather at energymuse.com.

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