Astrology Crystals: Embrace Your Inner Spirit + Free Your Soul
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Astrology Crystals: Embrace Your Inner Spirit + Free Your Soul

Oftentimes, when we turn to our crystals for clarity, we seek guidance from the stones that connect to the energy of the sun. The sun, in all its glorious illumination, sheds light onto many of the situations we bear in life. While the sun is perhaps the brightest star in our presence, we mustn’t disregard the infinite amount of twinkling lights that peek at us when the sun has squeezed her last drop of gold on the evening horizon. Once the sun has set, it’s as if our true spirit, wild and free, can come out after hiding in the shadows of the day.

One of our favorite pastimes is dancing in the moonlight, twirling and whirling under a sparkling sky, letting our inner wild child come out to play. However, there are some nights when we feel energetically drained whether it be from a hard day’s work or an unsettling conflict with a friend or loved one. At these times of feeling low, our inner spirit weeps and we desperately miss the sun’s warm, reassuring light and the promise of a new day. Luckily, there are ways we can connect to the moon and the stars in order to realign our mind, body, and spirit rather than letting the energy vampires of the world continue to suck our liveliness away. Next time you’re feel surrounded by negative vibrations and wish to reconnect with your inner workings, step outside with your astrology crystals and look to the sky. As a product of the stars, follow the ancient wisdom they’ve acquired throughout their eternal lives, and use your astrology crystals that pair with your zodiac sign in order to gain insight along your journey.

Astrology Crystals

Discover Your Crystals for Astrology

Energy Muse offers beautiful zodiac sign energy tools that feature elegant and stylish birthstone jewelry and crystals. Capture the power of the universe and bring your dreams to your life with our zodiac energy tools. Our astrology crystals maintain the alignment of the stars to revitalize your life.

With our birthstone jewelry and crystals, you’ll cleanse your body, mind, and soul, allowing the positive energy of the universe to flow through the chakras and magnify that positive energy back into the world. This release of positive energy will attract more positive energy in your direction, allowing your deepest desires to become your reality.

All zodiac sign energy tools connect their wearers to the universe, which allows a healthy balance to occur. This balance strengthens your connection to your true self and inner wisdom, allowing you to purify your body and mind. You’ll reach new levels of consciousness, allowing you to capture aspects of the universe you never dreamt possible.

You’ll find wealth, love, confidence, and even fertility with the zodiac energy tools from Energy Muse. Every aspect of your life will be transformed by the gorgeous selection of astrology jewelry. Plus, they perfectly compliment any outfit. Keep these crystals in your space, carry them in your pocket, or wear them as jewelry and get ready to boost the power of your zodiac sign with your birthstones!

How to Use Birthstone Crystals

On the morning of your birthday, take a moment to connect with your astrological birthstones with a zodiac crystal practice, which will help you harness their unique healing properties. Grab your birthstones and get ready to fill your day with positivity, celebration, and blessings!

  1. Hold your crystals in your hands, and say out loud, “My birthday is filled with blessings, celebration and joy.” Repeat this three times.
  2. Close your eyes, hold them to your heart and state one birthday wish out loud.
  3. Place your crystals on a windowsill in your space for one week.
  4. After one week, cleanse your crystals and carry them with you whenever you want to enhance the traits of your astrological sign.

Along with using the healing properties of crystals to amplify your intentions, you can also connect with a specific combination of stones that are associated with your astrological sign. Having these crystals in your space and carrying them in your pocket will enhance all the strengths of your sign:


The fiery and strong-willed Ram is a natural-born leader who can benefit from stones that encourage and support personal growth.

Garnet: A powerful root chakra stone, Garnet healing properties help to revitalize the energy needed to keep the passionate attitude of the Aries from waning.

Carnelian: With its bright and cheerful orange color, Carnelian encourages you to feel confident in your opinions, creativity, and ideas. For the highly motivated Aries involved in lots of projects, it brings passion and excitement to every situation.

Lapis Lazuli: A strong throat chakra stone, the cooling and relaxing energy of Lapis Lazuli helps to soothe the hot-headed Aries, which in turn, gives them the confidence needed to forge ahead and take the lead.


Stones that encourage the bold, innovative spirit of an Aquarius to discover their purpose and fuel their individuality will help them flourish into their best selves.

Amethyst: A calming and protective crown chakra stone, Amethyst is perfect for the visionary Aquarius because it helps them connect with their divine purpose in life.

Aquamarine: A stone that evokes the soothing and restorative energy of water, Aquamarine helps the sensitive and curious Water Bearer to recognize the beauty that they bring to the world.

Rhodonite: To balance their tendency towards stubbornness and isolation, Rhodonite healing properties give Aquarius the compassion they need to move past mistakes and free the mind of self-doubt.


For the nurturing and compassionate Cancer, stones that encourage them to invest in their own needs will remind them to take time for themselves.

Ocean Jasper: For the sweet-natured crab who always puts others first, Ocean Jasper is a helpful reminder to prioritize what they need in the moment.

Moonstone: A stone of destiny, Moonstone helps this sign discover their true purpose in life.

Chrysoprase: A powerful heart chakra stone, Chrysoprase reminds Cancer that they don’t have to do it all. The message of this healing and protective stone is simple: you are always worthy of love and connection.

Pink Opal: Because of their incredible capacity for love and compassion, Cancer signs have a tendency to give too much of themselves. Pink Opal helps keep them balanced by calming the emotional body and bring harmony to all the chakras.


For the ambitious, results-driven Capricorn, reach your goals with crystals to help you tap into your potential.

Garnet: A stone that promotes vitality, use Garnet to revitalize the spirit with a surge of passionate, motivating energy.

Azurite: Harness the power of this emotion balancing stone and use its healing energy to mentally focus and shift into your most empowered mental state.

Chrysocolla: The gentle and forgiving energy of this heart chakra stone helps the stubborn Capricorn accept when they need to let go of one goal in order to bring about a new beginning.


One of the most energetic signs, Geminis are happiest when they are allowed to follow their curiosity and passion, so use crystals that help you embrace your true path in life.

Moonstone: A dreamy stone associated with the celestial realm, Moonstone can help you discover your destiny and bring new opportunities into your life.

Labradorite: When Geminis are unbalanced, they can feel tense and restless, which is why Labradorite is the best stone for dissolving negative emotions that are holding them back. Let the powerful anti-anxiety properties of this calming stone help you to clear the mental roadblocks that are keeping you from achieving your full potential.

Agate: Agate supports a stable and balanced mindset, which can help the Gemini overcome their propensity to overthink things.

Tiger’s Eye: When a Gemini is focused and determined, they can accomplish anything they set their mind to, which is why this power stone compliments their willpower and strength. Use Tiger’s Eye to help enhance the strongest traits of the Gemini: mental strength, courage, and determination.


Filled with pride and ambition, the magnificent lion believes that they are destined for greatness, so crystals can help bring about their creative purpose.

Pyrite: A sign associated with power and action, Leos can use Pyrite to tap into their potential for success and abundance.

Tiger’s Eye: The determined Leo can use the go-getter energy of Tiger’s Eye to go after their dreams with courage and tenacity.

Carnelian: A stone of optimism and joy, Carnelian helps bring out the creative and passionate side of the Leo.

Hematite: Boost and support the high energy of the action-oriented Leo with Hematite, which can be used for grounding the spirit with calm yet determined energy.


These peace-seekers desire a life that is filled with meaningful experiences, so use crystals to support a greater sense of balance and fulfillment.

Moonstone: For the sensitive and intuitive Libra, Moonstone assures peace of mind and inspires this sign to live with purpose and passion.

Citrine: The emotionally sensitive Libra can benefit from the cheerful energy of Citrine, which can help them show resilience in the face of criticism while guiding them towards a more positive response in any situation.

Aquamarine: This heart chakra stone supports self-acceptance, compassion, and open-mindedness, all of which work to create emotional balance.


These hopeless romantics are lifelong dreamers, so bring in crystals that can turn aspirations into reality.

Chrysocolla: Counter the Pisces tendency toward inaction with this heart chakra stone that inspires new beginnings and the zeal to pursue them.

Sodalite: These whimsical dreamers can sometimes get their head stuck in the clouds, so bring them back down to earth with Sodalite, a stone that encourages clear communication and logic.

Bloodstone: A power stone linked with health and vitality, Pisces can use Bloodstone to take action towards achieving their goals.

Amethyst: For the emotional Pisces, this calming and peaceful stone helps them relax and trust their intuition when they get stuck in a particular situation. A crown chakra stone, Amethyst healing properties can help reconnect the Pisces sign to their inner wisdom.


These free-spirited adventurers can use crystals to take their natural curiosity and excitement to the next level.

Tiger’s Eye: A power stone that inspires action, Tiger’s Eye inspires the courage, determination, and willpower a Sagittarius needs to go after their biggest dreams.

Citrine: The stone of happiness, joy, and optimism, Citrine is perfect for enhancing this sign’s natural proclivity to stay on the sunny side of life.

Clear Quartz: A big-time energy purifier, Clear Quartz brings clarity, which can reign in the restless Sagittarius and guide them towards a more structured approach to achieving their goals.


Scorpios have an alluring energy that attracts people and opportunities into their lives, so crystals that magnify their energy can bring them closer to their greater purpose.

Rhodochrosite: A powerful stone of emotional healing, Rhodochrosite can help soothe old wounds by giving the Scorpio a heightened sense of self-worth and confidence.

Smoky Quartz: One of the most powerful crystals for letting go, Smoky Quartz helps the Scorpio release any negativity holding them back from reaching their full potential.

Malachite: Power and wisdom all start with being true to yourself, which is why Malachite helps the Scorpio embark on the necessary transformation to pursue their own unique path in life.

Citrine: A stone of optimism and cheerfulness, Citrine enhances the Scorpio’s natural ability to attract and entertain with their irresistible charisma. The sunny vibrations of this stone will help them light up any room they enter.


These steady, stable, and focused individuals can use crystals to deepen their innate connection to prosperity.

Jade: The cautious Taurus can benefit from this powerful heart chakra stone because its energy encourages them to lead a more fulfilling life by increasing prosperity in all areas.

Pyrite: Adding to the strong and secure nature of the Taurus, this power stone helps attract the energy of wealth and luck.

Carnelian: A stone of creativity and passion, Carnelian can help get the Taurus out of a rut by stirring up the confidence to go after their dreams.


Because they are always looking for ways to improve themselves, their work, their relationships, and the world around them, Virgos can work with crystals to enhance their drive to create a better world for everyone.

Red Jasper: A root chakra stone with a powerful regenerative energy, Red Jasper motivates the ambitious Virgo to take action when they see opportunity for growth.

Fluorite: A heart chakra cleanser and activator, Fluorite encourages the Virgo to wish for the best out of life.

Jade: With Jade by their side, Virgos can stay focused and determined in accomplishing their goals thanks to its ability to enhance prosperity into all areas of life.

Following your astrological sign is a fun and spiritual way to discover where you align with the sky in your time here on Earth. While the stars are akin with your destiny, crystals are infused with the Earth’s magical minerals to guide you through life. Using your astrology crystals paired with your sign is a powerful way to gain a new perspective on different situations that may be inhibiting you from reaching your highest potential. We know most crystals are connected to the sun, however, you most certainly can charge your crystals under the moonlight and a starry sky any time you are in need of answers or a little spiritual pick me up. Night or day your astrology crystals are here for you to bring you strength, surround you with tranquility, and keep you balanced in the slightly off-kilter planet we call home.

Heather Askinosie
Heather Askinosie is a crystal expert and leading influencer on the power of crystals, Feng Shui and holistic healing. For nearly 30 years, she has been researching the scientific and spiritual aspects of energy. After studying with the best healers from all over the world, she has used the past three decades of her career to translate ancient wisdom into simple tools that anyone can use to transform their life. In 2000, she co-founded Energy Muse with business partner, Timmi Jandro. Energy Muse provides tools of empowerment and inspiration in the tangible form of jewelry and crystals. Her crystal teachings can be found in her book Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals to Tune into the Real You as well as mindbodygreen, Well+Good, The Chalkboard Mag, and more. Learn more about Heather at

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