You Need Bloodstone If...

Do you feel tired and sluggish? Are you stuck in an energetic rut and need more life force and motivation moving through your mind, body, and spirit? Do you feel out of balance and unable to connect with the present moment? Then you need to work with the Bloodstone meaning.

Introduction To Bloodstone

Get your blood pumping with the revitalizing energy of Bloodstone. Like a coach, the Bloodstone meaning fills you with a surge of courage, self-esteem, energy and protection so that you can enjoy living in the now. It is a stone of both physical and creative movement, and stimulates the root chakra helping to get the energy flowing in your mind, body and spirit. With the pure, upbeat energy of the Bloodstone stone, you’ll make the most out of every moment.

Origin & Regionality

The Bloodstone stone is easily obtainable and can be found around the world, including Australia, India, US, China, and Brazil. 

Bloodstone Touchstone - Palm Stones - Energy Muse
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Bloodstone Meaning

If you've just been sucker-punched in the heart by life and a series of unfortunate events, switch things up with Bloodstone, a powerhouse for restoring and rebuilding the mind and body. All stones have healing effects, but some are more epic than others, including Bloodstone properties, an essential healing tool for returning your spirit to its natural state of joy and vitality.

History & Lore 

With an aesthetic as dark and earthy as the legends surrounding it, the healing crystal garnered a reputation of sacred power in the Middle Ages, when the Bloodstone meaning was linked to the crucifixion of Christ. The legend holds the belief that the blood from His wounds dripped on the dark green earth, which turned it to stone. This ancient legend gave Bloodstone its name and also inspired the long held belief in its exceptional wound-healing powers.

If you're feeling spiritually adrift, meditate with Bloodstone to stimulate the root chakra, the energy center that provides a sense of security and safety on the earth. Bloodstone properties work to guide your lost soul by helping you see change on the horizon and face the transformation with a renewed sense of resilience and vigor. In other words, it serves as a protective talisman that gives you strength and courage to brave the storm.

Like the blood pumping through your circulatory system and to the heart, Bloodstone healing properties rock when it comes to regeneration of cells and tissue, making it a go-to for wound healing. The same goes for healing emotional wounds, which makes the Bloodstone stone meaning an essential part of your healing crystal first aid kit. Feeling especially moody? Bloodstone is also an effective mood stabilizer in the world of crystal healing.

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Bloodstone boosts the innate healing power inside you by quieting a preoccupied mind and refocusing your energy on repair and renewal of wounds you've collected over the years. Keep Bloodstone with you everywhere you go and take on the day with a renewed sense of confidence and inner strength.

Bloodstone is also great for athletes. In fact, the ancient Greeks and Romans often wore Bloodstone amulets during athletic competitions to boost endurance and increase physical strength. It also served as protection of injury and disease, a must-have during the pre-Penicillin era of ancient Greece and Rome. The ancients channeled the Bloodstone meaning by dipping it in cold water and placing it on the body to aid circulation and promote healing. By stimulating the root chakra, the source of physical energy, Bloodstone gets rid of the sluggish feeling that hits us mid-workday. The Bloodstone crystal meaning is also known for the powerful ability to move energy and provide a perfect kick in the pants for those days when you feel extra tired and unmotivated. Paging all couch potatoes! In crystal healing, Bloodstone is just what the doctor ordered to get you moving, either physically or creatively.

It also assists us with challenges ahead by grounding us to the life-giving elements of the earth. This is especially helpful if you’re the type to think ahead five steps instead of being in the moment. Calm the hamster wheel in your head with the stabilizing effects of Bloodstone properties, which help return us to the present by removing emotional blockages and clearing the root chakra, the main energy center of the body. If everything seems to be going wrong, meditate with the stone while saying this affirmation to yourself, "I welcome all challenges and will overcome them." Sit quietly with the Bloodstone and gaze deeply at it while repeating this inspiring mantra.

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Bloodstone Meditation

The best way to access the powerful and courageous vibes of Bloodstone is to create a sacred healing space free of clutter, to-do lists, cell phones, and anything else that might be a distraction. Make the environment ultra comfy with a cushion, yoga mat, or blanket and set the mood with an aromatherapy lamp or scented candle.

Before you begin your meditation practice, clear and cleanse the energy of the room with your favorite incense or sage smudge stick. Hold the Bloodstone crystal in your hand and set your intention while meditating, a powerful way to manifest its healing properties.

If you have too much energy to meditate in a sedentary position, a walking meditation is also an excellent way to replace negative thought patterns with more productive and creative ones that inspire action instead of paralysis. While holding the Bloodstone in your hand, walk through a forest or other beautiful and serene natural setting, and feel the Bloodstone helping to deepen and expand your connection to nature. Created from a dark and moody combination of Chalcedony and Red Jasper, Bloodstone healing properties can be constantly accessed by wearing jewelry made with its striking colors of intense green with blood red or orange oxide spots. Even when life gives you more gutter balls than strikes, remember that challenges make life interesting and overcoming them makes them meaningful. As the ancient proverb says, "Your best teacher is your last mistake." All wounds heal with time...and Bloodstone.

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Bloodstone Bracelet for Endurance - Energy Muse
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How To Use Your Bloodstone Crystal

In our experience, one of the best ways to work with the frequencies of the Bloodstone meaning and connect with its stabilizing and uplifting energy is to create a crystal program for yourself. By connecting with it in the form of crystal jewelry, carrying the stone, and incorporating it into your space, you can align yourself with the energy of the Bloodstone crystal meaning, which encourages stamina and courage on your spiritual journey. 


As a nurturing crystal that symbolizes Mother Nature, the Bloodstone meaning can also be accessed by wearing Bloodstone jewelry such as a bracelet to help open and activate the heart chakra, especially how it comes into direct contact with your skin.


To connect with the stabilizing and protective energy of the Bloodstone properties, carry a crystal in your purse or pocket and hold it in your hand when you need a boost of its healing frequencies. 


The Bloodstone meaning is associated with grounding and stabilizing energy, making it a versatile stone that you can place in any room in your home. Place it in an area where you want to promote and support a higher level of energy, allowing you to work with the Bloodstone uses and its powerful ability to unblock and revitalize.

Bloodstone Stone intention for boosting your life force energy: My spirit is infused with the energy I need to take on any challenges.

Cleansing and charging methods to boost the Bloodstone healing properties

Before creating a crystal program that supports your intention to balance and recharge your energetic field, clear the Bloodstone of any previous programming and activate its properties, making it more open and receptive to your spiritual goals. These purifying tools can be used alone or in combination for an extra dose of cleansing effects. w

Sacred Smoke

As a stone known for its link to the healing energy of earth, the grounding and stabilizing properties of the Bloodstone crystal meaning will work at its full potential when you cleanse it with sacred smoke from Sage, Palo Santo, or Frankincense, which can be used on their own or together for synergistic effects. 


With its connection to earth and the life-giving elements that sustain life, the energy of the Bloodstone meaning can be restored to its brightest form by returning it to nature. Place your crystal in the soil of a healthy plant for at least 4 hours or longer, allowing the steady, balancing energy of earth to infuse the Bloodstone crystal meaning with fresh, vibrant frequencies.  

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