The Best Crystals for the Moon Phases
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The Best Crystals for the Moon Phases

Each part of the moon cycle offers a unique energy to support your intentions in different ways. Because the energy changes throughout the cycle, adapting your crystal practice and your intentions for the specific phase of the moon cycle can enhance your ability to manifest your intentions. To help you harness the full power of the moon, we’ve created your go-to guide for how to use moon cycles and crystals together.

When you start working with the cycle of the moon, you will be gravitationally pulled away from things and toward things. 

Your Guide for The New Moon and Crystals 

The new moon marks the beginning of the moon cycle and is the first lunar phase. It is a time when the moon is dark and barely visible. The new moon offers a blank slate and a clear canvas upon which you can set intentions. It holds the energy of a fresh start, and inspires you to pursue new goals and manifest new possibilities for yourself. 

In addition to setting new intentions, the new moon also allows you to carry over any intentions from the previous cycle that have not come to fruition yet. By continuing to work toward your goals, the new moon brings fresh new energy to your existing intentions.

The Best Crystals for the New Moon

The best crystals to work with on the new moon are those that embody the energy of darkness as well as the energy of magic and possibilities. These stones allow you to harness the full energy of this moon phase.

Black Obsidian :: This stone has a reflective energy, almost like a mirror. By prompting a deeper sense of reflection within you, it helps you to achieve a clear state. It guides you to discover exactly what it is you want to seed for the month ahead so you know where to focus your energy.

Black Moonstone :: Black Moonstone holds the same energies as white moonstone but with a strong focus on the new moon energy and “beginning energy.” Whether it’s the start of a new project, setting new intentions or the beginning of a new pregnancy, black moonstone is the ideal crystal to connect with at the initiation of the moon cycle. When you connect with its energy, this crystal helps to cut through your internal layers to shed light on the negative thoughts, old patterns and energetic clogs that you need to let go of to pave your pathway to greatness. It has a gentle protective and grounding energy and is a crystal that you can work with daily.

Labradorite :: When you are looking for a stone to bring in the energy of magic, look no further than Labradorite. The flashes of light within this stone remind you that even during times of darkness, like the new moon period, there is always light to be found. Use this stone to discover the opportunity and possibilities that surround you, and direct the stone’s magical energy toward your intentions.

Setting New Moon Intentions

The new moon allows you to design the energetic plan for what you are going to seed for the upcoming days.  It’s your blueprint, gameplay, outline – something that gives your dreams structure and foundation but is not so locked in that it cannot expand, grow or be added to.

The best way to set yourself up for success on the new moon is to choose one intention, goal or wish and stick to it throughout the entire moon cycle. By focusing your energy on one intention, you can expand your intention over the course of the cycle. 

When setting intentions on the new moon, how you form your intention is just as important as what the content of your intention is.  It is important to include language that your goal or something better materializes so you keep the door open to the possibilities around you and whatever the universe has in store. 

It is also important to form an intention that treats your goal as if it has already manifested. The whole energy of the new moon is creating something on a level of certainty that your intention is happening, it’s actualized, and it’s a done deal. When crafting your intention, remember to bring in the positive energy that everything is lining up for you NOW.

Once you’ve decided on your intention, use our FREE New Moon Worksheet to write your intention down 108 times. This number is connected to the energy of the moon, as well as the energy of completion. By writing your intention down 108 times, you can also reprogram your entire being with the energy of your intention through the repetition of writing it down. 

Your Guide for The Full Moon and Crystals 

The full moon is when the moon is at its brightest and most powerful, which makes this the perfect time to zero-in on any intentions that could use a boost of energy. By harnessing the frequency of light from the moon, you can bring light to whatever it is you want to manifest. This is a great time to check in with any intentions you’ve been working on and decide which ones could use the high vibrational energy of the moon to bring them to full fruition. 

The Best Crystals for the Full Moon

The best full moon crystals to harness and work with its energy are the ones that capture the moon’s light energy during this phase of the cycle. 

Moonstone :: If the name doesn’t give it away, we don’t know what will! Moonstone holds the energy of destiny and divinity because of the blues and magical energy within the stone. It specifically connects to the aspect of guidance that the moon offers, reminding you to trust your path and allow life to unfold. When you connect with this stone, you will find yourself exactly where you need to be energetically and spiritually for life to manifest in the best way for you. 

Selenite :: This stone’s name is also connected to the moon by way of Selene, the goddess of the moon. Selenite captures that powerful beam of light that the full moon provides, and allows you to tap into its high vibrational frequency to raise your own energetic vibration to manifest from a higher state of being. 

Clear Quartz :: When it comes to the full moon, there is both an energy of reflection and manifestation. Clear Quartz helps you gain clarity so you can see what intentions need a boost of energy and channel that clarity toward manifesting those intentions. 

Setting Full Moon Intentions

A powerful and effective way to harness the full moon energy for your intentions is by writing them down 108 times. This number symbolizes spiritual completion, so when used in combination with the full moon, it brings power and the energy of completion to your intention. By writing your intention down 108 times, you can also reprogram your entire being with the energy of your intention through the repetition of writing it down. 

Each full moon, use our FREE Full Moon Worksheet to boost your manifestation power and strengthen your intention-setting process. After you complete the worksheet, place it underneath a Full Moon Candle to bring light to your intention. Then, apply your Full Moon ritual oil to strengthen your manifestation power and align your energy with your intention.

Your Guide for The First and Third Quarter Moons 

The 1st and 3rd quarter moons land halfway between the full moon and the new moon. These parts of the cycle are a time when the moon is either growing darker in preparation for the blank slate of the new moon, or growing brighter as it builds up to the full moon from the new moon. By harnessing the transitionary energy of these phases of the moon cycle, you can reflect on both the positive and negative aspects of your manifestation process – what’s working, and what isn’t? Then, after bringing awareness to the positive and negative aspects of your current practices and actions, you can prepare yourself fully for the next phase of the lunar cycle and the new opportunity it offers to refresh your intentions.  

The Best Crystal for the First & Third Quarter Moons

The best crystals for the 1st and 3rd quarter moons are those that capture the transitory energy of this phase and the combination of both light and darkness that it embodies. With that in mind, the number one crystal to work with is during these phases is Tourmalinated Quartz.

Tourmalinated Quartz combines Black Tourmaline, a dark stone, with Clear Quartz, a light stone. Not only does the visual appearance of this stone completely align and capture the energy of these moons, but it also holds a similar energy by helping you bring awareness to both the lighter and darker aspects of your life. Working with this stone allows you to check-in and reflect on the phases of the cycle you’ve gone through so far so you can highlight some of the positive aspects, as well as learn from some of the not-so positive aspects. 

This stone also prepares your energy to go from the high frequency energy of the full moon to the darkness of the new moon, and the other way around.


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