Capricorn Birthstones: the Best Crystals for Capricorn
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Capricorn Birthstones: the Best Crystals for Capricorn

You are ambitious. You are hard-working. You are patient and loyal. The results-driven Goat of the zodiac thrives when they are fully in control of their destiny. They might be considered stubborn by some, but the Capricorn knows what they want. They also know how others should behave. As natural rule-followers, Capricorns have a desire for order, which is why they need a set way of doing things. Capricorn can go against the grain, but only when there are strict guidelines to follow. For Capricorns, family is the main priority, especially when it comes to traditions. Discover the power of Capricorn stones and get ready to manifest miracles into your life!

Capricorn Crystals

Connect with your zodiac sign when you bring the best Capricorn crystals and jewelry into your environment such as Garnet, Sodalite, Azurite, Chrysocolla, Rhodochrosite, and Moonstone. For the Capricorn moon sign, the grounding energy of Garnet helps to enhance the dependable Goat and their positive outlook on life. Capricorns have a need for control, which can cause them to block their emotions. Sodalite is a Capricorn stone that encourages the Capricorn to express themselves with a renewed sense of self-acceptance and trust. Another Capricorn gemstone that balances emotions is Azurite, which boosts mental clarity and empowerment.

Another Capricorn stone to keep in your collection is Chrysocolla, which opens and activates the heart chakra. Its gentle and forgiving energy allows the Capricorn to let go of negativity so they can bring about new beginnings. Moonstone supports divine feminine energy, making it an ideal Capricorn stone for balancing aggressive tendencies of the highly ambitious Goat of the zodiac. Rhodochrosite is a Capricorn gemstone that gives them the support they need to self-nurture their hearts.

Capricorn Stone Color

In the mineral kingdom, the different colors of crystals are associated with unique healing properties. When you understand the different meanings and healing effects of the various colored Capricorn crystals, you'll be able to connect on a deep level with your zodiac sign. Red stones like Garnet enhance the down to earth vibe of the dependable Capricorn. The energizing and grounding energy of the color red supports the Capricorn sign by revitalizing their spirit with renewed passion and motivation. Blue stones like Sodalite and Azurite help the Capricorn to communicate in an open and honest way, facilitating their strong leadership skills.

Blue-green stones like Chrysocolla contain the energies of both the heart and throat chakra, giving the Capricorn the enhanced ability to effectively communicate with love and compassion. Pink stones like Rhodochrosite help the Capricorn to open their hearts to all types of love, allowing them to lead the charge with harmony and empathy for others. Capricorns are an Earth element, which makes them very practical and realistic. White stones like Moonstone can help open their spirit up to spiritual transformation, bringing them out of the confines of daily life and helping them expand into the realm of unlimited possibilities.

How to Use Your Capricorn Gemstone

A Capricorn stone works best when it is cleansed and activated. In the mineral kingdom, gemstones magnify all the energy that surrounds them, which is why they are most effective when cleansed of previous programming and energies. For best results, we also recommend connecting with your Capricorn crystals on a daily basis. When you program your gemstones with a specific intention, we find that a mantra or special phrase helps you to be clear with your purpose for each Capricorn gemstone.

There are many effective energy cleansing techniques that you can use. Some of our favorite methods that have worked for us over the years include singing bowls, a Selenite charging plate, copper charging pyramid, sage and/or Palo Santo smoke, and moonlight/sunlight. Depending on the hardness of the Capricorn gemstone, saltwater can also be used to cleanse its energy.

Once your Capricorn stone is cleared of all previous programming, it is now open and receptive to a new intention that you set for it. When you program a Capricorn Stone, it is listening and ready to work for you whenever you call on it for support. For the ambitious, hard-working Capricorn, crystal jewelry is an easy way to have constant access to these unique healing properties.

Crystal Action For Your January Birthstone

During your birthday month, Capricorn, look at crystals as your astrological birthstones .On the morning of your birthday, use this action with your crystals for Capricorn to fill your day with positivity, celebration and blessings:

  1. Hold your crystals in your hands and say out loud “My birthday is filled with blessings, celebration and joy” 3 times.
  2. Close your eyes, hold your crystals to your heart, and state
  3. one birthday wish out loud.
  4. Place your crystals on a windowsill in your space for one week.
  5. After one week, cleanse your crystals and carry them with you whenever you want to enhance the traits of your astrological sign.

What are Capricorn’s most positive qualities?

Capricorns are known as driven, ambitious, determined, intelligent and dependable people, extremely hard-working and persistent: nothing could stop them from achieving their goals!

The best crystals to amplify these positive Capricorn qualities are Tiger’s Eye, Carnelian, Red Jasper, Lapis Lazuli and Clear Quartz. Capricorns can use Tiger’s Eye to help propel them forward with courage. Carnelian and Red Jasper will help Capricorn connect to their highly ambitious drives to succeed that exist within them. They can become unstoppable when their sacral chakra is ignited by the fiery energy of these red stones. Lapis Lazuli is associated with the properties of indigo crystals, which is closely connected to one’s mental awareness and intuition. Sometimes referred to as a wisdom keeper, Lapis Lazuli unlocks your ability to connect to your authentic self and recognize the value of your own knowledge. Unlock Capricorn’s innate ability to be a keen thinker by working with Lapis Lazuli.

Finally, whether your goals involve your career, your home improvement project, your fitness, musical ability or anything else, the first step towards achieving it is being crystal clear on the details beforehand. In order for Capricorn to be in the best possible position, they have to begin with clarity, focus, and concentration. Therefore, Clear Quartz makes a perfect crystal companion for Capricorn, regardless of their endeavor! They can use their Clear Quartz at the planning phase of a goal and also to check back in with themselves and with their original goal, in case they need to reconsider, reformulate, or reset.

Learn more about the tiger eye stone meaning and properties here.

What are Capricorn’s least positive qualities?

Every astrological sign has “pros” and “cons” - nobody’s perfect! Capricorns can sometimes be described as bossy, rigid, stubborn, sarcastic and judgmental. Because they are so singularly focused on their goals, they may judge those they see as less committed and disciplined. To work on accepting and transmuting these less positive attributes, the best crystals would be Amazonite, Malachite, Rose Quartz, Angel Aura Quartz, Sunstone and Peacock Ore.

Amazonite is all about letting go of the need to control things and just go with the flow. It points out and prioritizes the importance of play, which is something the Capricorn may sometimes feel they are too grown up for, or too busy for. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” so Capricorn should consider slowly loosening their grip on outcomes, because the more flexible they become, the more resilient their response to unexpected changes, challenges and events will be! It will also help them have a bit more empathy with those around them, who may appear less “tough” than they are.

Malachite is all about change, change, change! And, like all Earth signs, Capricorn isn’t the most open to change. Malachite’s swirling, dynamic energy will inspire them that there are lots of fruitful possibilities in the unknown, in the roads and spaces outside of their dependable routines, perspectives, and choices. Malachite is also very strongly connected to the heart chakra, which will support Capricorn’s decision-making so that it not only resides in the head but also in the heart. When coming from a more holistic and well-rounded place, Capricorns difficulty with making changes is eased.

Rose Quartz will help them foster compassionate self-love, helping them become easier on themselves. Capricorns can be exacting and one-track-minded when in pursuit of achievement, and if they don’t do things perfectly, or don’t reach their goal “on time,” or don’t realize their goal at all, they can be extremely hard on themselves! Rose Quartz’s soft, warm, nurturing energy wants them to remember that you can’t run a car without proper care and maintenance - pushing it too hard will make it break down. Capricorns need to take the time to nurture and look after their emotional side and not see that as a weakness (or a waste of precious time!).

Angel Aura Quartz is all about joy, play, and happiness. Because Capricorn is such a hard worker, they can sometimes come off as humorless or too “mature” to make time for silliness. Angel Aura’s dazzling iridescent effect can help re-awaken a free, innocent magic; like seeing the world through the eyes of a child again. Everything is new and sparkly and wonderful, and every no-nonsense Capricorn could really use the dose of whimsy!

In a similar vein, Peacock Ore’s rainbowy appearance helps balance out Capricorn’s serious, nose-to-the-grindstone kind of energy. If you are a Capricorn or want to buy a supportive gift for a Capricorn in your life, Peacock Ore is giving them a little piece of rainbow they can use to infuse their lives with technicolor energy. Responsibilities, rules, achievement and work are extremely important, but Capricorns need to be mindful not to leave their bubbly, playful, fun-loving side behind, either!

Finally, Sunstone will help them turn up the fire and spice things up. This sensuality-focused crystal will help them brush the dust off their moves and try something new. And if you aren’t all that interested in all things romantic, you can still shake things up and pump up the volume in other aspects of your life when you work with Sunstone. Sometimes Capricorns just need a little nudge out of their comfort zones and this is the perfect stone to do it.

Capricorn and Self-Care

It can be easy for anyone, not just Capricorns, to put self-care practices on the back-burner in order to deal with big endeavors like goals and small day-to-day tasks. Capricorns in particular, however, tend to prioritize their obligations, work, and achievements above their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Read on to discover some self-care recommendations, along with crystal pairings for support.

Capricorns and Sleep, Relaxation and Stress Relief

You’re known for your endurance and drive, Capricorn, but you are not a machine! Making quality time for yourself to have restful sleep, relaxation practices like yoga and meditation, and avoiding burnout is essential for a more balanced life.

Instead of constantly burning the candle at both ends, work with Celestite to prioritize restorative sleep in your day to day life. Place a crystal on your bedside table to infuse your bedroom with soothing energy, along with the usual sleep hygiene steps: keep your bedroom dark, the temperature cool, and keep screens as far away from bedtime as possible! And because we know you may spend more hours at your desk than in bed, Capricorn, adding a soothing baby blue Celestite crystal at your workspace will remind you to leave work at a reasonable hour so you can have enough time for leisure activities and for a proper night time wind-down!

Optimize Capricorn's yoga and meditation practices with crystals

Include Amethyst, Clear Quartz and Selenite in your yoga and meditation sessions to clear your mind and achieve emotional calm.

Amethyst encourages you to connect with your thoughts. This relaxing stone helps you end the chaotic spiral of endless thoughts running through your head and find mental peace. The more you connect with Amethyst, the more in-tune with your thoughts you will become and the more control over your mental state you will have.

Clear Quartz helps you achieve a clear mental state. IT allows you to drown out the noise of your mind and your surroundings so you can get silent. In this clear and quiet headspace, you can give yourself a moment of mental calm.

Selenite works to cleanse your body of any stuck or stagnant energy to raise your vibration. When your energetic body is lighter, you can draw your attention away from physical distractions that prevent you from getting still. All those notifications, emails, calls, calendar alerts will simply have to wait!

Top 6 Crystals for Home Decor for Capricorn

Capricorns are earth signs, so they love colors, textures, patterns and scenes like forests, lakes, pastures, mountains and more. Dendritic Agate adds a wonderful, tasteful touch of nature to their indoor spaces. Azurite also features awe-inspiring, natural swirls of ocean blues, foresty greens, granite and soil-colored browns that inspire and calm the Capricorn mind at home. Whenever Capricorn may feel stuck or without new ideas, being around these heady colorations and patterns will make Capricorn’s home feel like an extension of nature, including all of its beauty, variety and limitless possibility. Dendritic Agate, Azurite, and even Ocean Jasper make great additions to Capricorn’s home office, studio, or any space where inspiration is needed.

They tend to prefer minimalist and classic home decor, so simple yet striking combinations of Selenite and Shungite throughout the home, but especially the living room where many people gather, is a must-have crystal combination for Capricorn’s home decor. Capricorns should also consider placing Selenite at their front doors, the kitchen, and at the door of their bedrooms to keep the vibrations high and the energy positive.

Capricorns are also very practical and have no use for anything in their lives that don’t add value or optimize areas of their lives in some way. That makes the Shungite listed above a perfect stone for Capricorn’s home decor, as it not only looks impressive but also works to constantly neutralize any and all electromagnetic frequencies that are constantly being emitted by tech devices (and we know that Capricorns love their tech! There are computers, laptops, tablets, smart watches, modems and other devices everywhere, helping to power Capricorn’s success). Hematite is also a beautiful yet practical stone, helping to ground their energy and the energy of their home when things get a bit too hectic.

Top 7 Crystals for Capricorn in Love

For Capricorns, they tend to hold more traditional values when it comes to love, marriage, and family. They place a huge emphasis on commitment, and are therefore very slow, deliberate, and considerate when it comes to making decisions around love.

The best stones for Capricorn in love are Bloodstone, Black Tourmaline, Rose Quartz, Aquamarine, Angelite and Amethyst.

Bloodstone has frequencies that will help stimulate passion and confidence in their decision making, so Capricorns can make their choices and commitments without too much hemming and hawing. When Capricorn, a sign that is often considered a bit sanguine or too logical, is able to tap into their more passionate side with Bloodstone, they’ll unlock a whole new side of themselves - one that is romantic and expresses it freely without self-judgment.

Because they are on the more careful side than other stones, introducing Black Tourmaline into their bedrooms, journaling and meditation practices will ensure that they feel safe and protected, unhampered by trepidation and uncertainty. Even if the romantic decisions they make do not end up being 100% perfect (and when is it ever 100% perfect!), Capricorns will have the sense of protection provided by Black Tourmaline to know they can safely move forward and take the relationship in another direction. Flexibility is always easier when you know you’re safe from harm!

Capricorns in love tend to be very loyal, and the Rose Quartz properties of love, support, and romance will help them ensure that they never become too complacent, too detached, or too logical in their relationships. It may even help Capricorn remember that occasionally, “frivolous” things like bouquets of flowers, love notes, and romantic trips are not unnecessary but actually pump their love life with fresh, new, deeper romantic energy! Another love stone for Capricorn is Amethyst because it helps strengthen their sense of devotion to their partner. It can act not only as a reminder to tap into their inner peace whenever an issue or argument arises but also soothes their own sense of personal peace. This helps prevent arguments from spiraling out into uncontrollable fights that may devolve too far away from the main issue at the core. Through a mutual understanding and sense of peace, Capricorn and the bond with their spouse or partner can only grow stronger, more resilient, and infused with serenity.

Like Taurus and Virgo, Capricorns can be “realistic” to a fault, making them occasionally more pessimistic about love than other signs. Aquamarine is the perfect stone to help them work through negative, pessimistic expectations and keep them more fluid, flexible, and open-minded to whatever shape their romantic relationships may take. If problems arise, as they inevitably will, Aquamarine will help Capricorn surrender to what is occurring instead of holding on too stubbornly to what they think “should” be taking place.

When it comes to expressing love, Capricorns tend to prioritize acts of service. They are most comfortable expressing their romantic feelings for their partner by helping them solve problems at work, taking care of some items on their partner’s to-do list, improving their skills at work, helping them study, or even just picking up the dry cleaning when they know their partner is swamped or overwhelmed. Angelite is a wonderful stone for Capricorn to work with because it allows them to have an appreciation for themselves and everything they do for others. They may not be as lovey-dovey or into PDA as other signs are, but Capricorns like to tap into the provider or helper role to show those they love just how much they love and care for them.

Finally, Capricorns should work with Sodalite when it comes to relationships of all kinds, whether romantic, familial, professional or with friends. Sodalite will help them not only find their voice and speak their truths honestly and without a fear of being judged, but it will also aid them to consider the energy of the environment and of the partnership itself - very often truths may hurt, but they don’t have to be weaponized or made too bluntly, either. WIth Sodalite, Capricorn will be able to keep the peace while saying their piece. Capricorns should place Sodalite in their bedrooms, living rooms, and even on vacations with their beloveds to ensure there is sincerity and openness but also a consideration of everyone’s feelings.

Top 3 Crystals for Capricorn at Work

Capricorns are often either CEOs or are gunning for that top position, the corner office, the highest titles, salaries and recognition. They work hard for everything they have, making them a huge asset in their workplace. They value stability but also the change that comes through innovation, ideation, and a constant thirst for improvement! For the Capricorn at work, Labradorite can keep their inner engine firing, ensuring that they are never stuck or stagnant or resting on their laurels. Labradorite helps them open their minds to more possibilities, creative paths, removing any roadblocks to creative thought, and help them tap into their limitless potential.

Because they are so results-driven and ambitious in everything they do but especially in the workplace, Capricorns should have plenty of Aventurine and Lapis Lazuli on their desks, whether at the office or at home. Aventurine is a top wealth stone, helping them reach any financial goals with ease. Aventurine is also a hugely popular stone for bestowing its owners with incredibly good luck. Even if financial gains aren’t the immediate goal, Aventurine seems to light their path forward with strong vibrations of positivity, optimism, prosperity and success. Lapis Lazuli is one of the oldest crystal energies and has always been associated with the power of the mind, the ability to take the driver's seat in life, and up-level intelligence, intuition and inspiration. Capricorn is a highly intellectual sign, always living in the left brain modalities of logic, reason, pragmatism and analytical thinking. Lapis Lazuli will boost their already impressive ability to solve problems and create new and better pathways towards success.

Summary: the best Crystals for Capricorn

Capricorns are an incredible sign, full of incendiary drive, ambition, intelligence, wisdom and ability. Crystals for prosperity and intelligence and like Aventurine, Labradorite, Lapis Lazuli, Hematite, plus crystals that will help Capricorn improve facets of their lives like Rose Quartz, Aquamarine and Amethyst, make for a powerfully balanced and happy sea-goat of the zodiac.


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