Crystallized Gifts for Mom
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Crystallized Gifts for Mom

Motherhood is often called a thankless job. From diapers to public tantrums, sleepless nights working on school projects to first loves—our mothers are were there for all of the stages, good, bad and downright ugly, in our lives. That’s not a job that should ever be thankless. As the women who we can always rely on to be our shoulder to cry on, we should thank our mothers every day. Sometimes life, and our own self-involvement get in the way, and we forget to honor the life that gave us a life to complain about in the first place. That’s what mother’s day is all about. It’s for saying thank you, we love you, and sorry for all the times we forgot to say it. This Mother’s Day, let your mother know that she’s your rock, with the gift of a crystal. Just as there are many different kinds of crystals, there are many different kinds of mothers. But for every mom, there’s a crystal to match. And these gifts for mom are sure to impress.

The Spirit Guide Mom

For the mom who gave you your zest for nature, travel and an unquenchable desire to explore new places, search no further than Turquoise. This stone, sacred to Native Americans, has a long history of being a universal healer. It was often given as a gift to those preparing to embark on a long journey. Commemorate the many journeys you and your mother have been on, and the many that have yet to come with a turquoise stone. A turquoise necklace to pack in her suitcase will bring her good luck on her travels and peace in her spiritual realm.

The Yoga Mom

Your mom didn’t just teach you how to balance on a mat, she taught you how to bring zen and balance of mind into your life. It’s only appropriate that you give her this gift in return, with a crystal for mental and physical balance. A pair of Selenite Harmonizers will bring your mom harmony in all aspects of her life. In easing tumultuous moods, this crystal brings the kind of mental and emotional relief needed for true stability. Meditating with these will ground her soul through the harmonizing vibes it emits into the environment.

The Soft-Hearted Mom

What says mother more than unconditional love? For the mom who gave you your rosy outlook, and always found a silver lining for you to cling to, the gift of rose quartz couldn’t be more fitting. Rose quartz is the crystal of unconditional love. It is an important ally for those who are always focused on giving, and forget that they need love and positivity, too. It helps reaffirm the positive perspective of perpetual optimists, and lends loving vibes when they need them most. A rose quartz plate can make the perfect gift for your mom to set her perfume bottles on. If you’re one of the many people who has gifted your mother a bottle of perfume, a rose quartz plate is a fun way for her to display your many loving gifts in one place.

The Barefoot Contessa Mom

For the mom that’s always trying to feed you—even when you say you’re full—give her something that she can nourish her soul with, like Petrified Wood. It’s a wonderfully loving, nurturing crystal. It will reenergize her love of cooking, and pack a punch of creative flavor that will be useful for the next recipe she conjures up. A petrified wood plate gives mom the perfect serving platter for her next dinner party; and every time she sees creates her magic on it, she will think of you.

The Fierce Mom

You love her, and you wouldn’t dare cross her. Your mom was a tiger mom. For the woman who taught you to stand up for yourself, to take charge of your life and be the strongest person you could be, the gift of Tiger’s Eye, the stone of strength, is only proper. This crystal will give your mom the power of mind, body and spirit that she needs to continue being epic force she’s always been.

Heather + Timmi's Picks as Gifts for Mom

Heather Askinosie
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