How to Cleanse Crystals: Take Care and Take Charge of your Crystals
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How to Cleanse Crystals: Take Care and Take Charge of your Crystals

It’s a simple proposition, the better care we take of our crystals, the better they take care of us.  It’s important to cleanse and charge your crystals regularly so they can serve you in the most optimal way and function at their highest level. Just as we humans need a hot shower or long bath to feel cleansed, invigorated and rejuvenated, so, too, do our crystals. Or, think of it as cleaning out your closet or organizing the pantry. We clear out the old to make room for the new. Healing crystals are our partner in manifesting and fulfilling our most important intentions.  The energy and care we give them will come back to us in spades.

Why Cleanse Crystals?

Crystals are vessels of energy. They are born from the Earth but spend their days with us above ground, absorbing all the energy that surrounds them. They have dynamic properties that, in many ways, closely align with the human condition. Think about it. The less active and engaged we are, the more stagnant we become. Similarly, if crystals have been left unused and untouched for a period of time, they collect dust, become sluggish and lose their luster. On the other hand, if we have been going full tilt, day after day, giving our energy to the things and people around us, at some point, we need a break, a chance to rest and restore.  So, it stands to reason that if crystals are used frequently or on a daily basis, they are working hard at absorbing all the energy we put into them. Over time, they will start to get heavy, sticky, oversaturated and, eventually, less vibrant. Cleansing your crystals wipes away all the excess residue and resets their energy so they can function at their highest and purest level of vibrational frequency. Remember, you and your crystals are a team. Give them what they need and they’ll be ready to serve you when you call upon them. 

How to Cleanse Crystals

We all know how quickly clutter and mess can accumulate when we don’t keep up with regular maintenance. Without a regular practice of cleansing your crystals, they become energetically saturated and begin to lose their shine and effectiveness. Much like the bag of a vacuum cleaner that never gets emptied, sooner or later, the vacuum loses its suction and becomes useless. Following are tips for how to cleanse the energy of your crystals. Make this practice part of your weekly routine for optimal effect.

Cleanse your crystals with celestial energy

Let your crystals bask in the lunar glow of the moon or bathe in the warmth of the sun. This allows your crystals to absorb the heat and active energy of the day or the cool, restful energy of a magical, starry night. Most crystals are fine cleansing in sunlight, although the time should be limited to four hours if you are concerned about the color fading. Certain crystals that are aligned with the moon, such as Moonstone and Selenite, are supercharged by moonlight.

Your Practice:

Place your crystal in a nearby safe location outdoors, day or night, for four hours.

Reunite your crystals with Mother Earth

Return your crystals from whence they came.  Like a visit back home, this reconnection with nature will strengthen and revitalize their energy.

Your practice:

Place your crystals in a location where they can reconnect with the Earth -- in an outdoor planter, in soil, on the branch of a tree, at the base of a tree trunk or vine, in a flower bed or even in a house plant for 24 hours.

When in Doubt, Smoke It Out

Native Americans have utilized the cleansing and healing properties of sage for centuries. As one of Nature’s most bountiful gifts, burning sage distributes the Earth’s energy to cleanse and purify. Its smoke is like a dose of energetic medicine for your crystals, leaving them clear and revitalized.   

Your practice:

Burn a sage stick and gently wave it over your crystals until it is fully immersed in the smoke. As an added benefit, the healing aroma will help cleanse the energy in the surrounding environment as well. When lighting your herbs, hold a fire safe dish underneath to catch the ashes. 

Give your crystals a match made in Heaven  

Play matchmaker with your crystals and pair them with the cleansing power of Selenite or Clear Quartz. These two crystals both have the rare ability to charge and purify other crystals without losing their own energy, creating the perfect cleansing companion. This is a great option if you don’t have a lot of time.  You can leave your crystals on a Selenite bowl or plate while you’re away, and let them work their magic.

Your practice:

Lay your crystals and tumbled stones on a piece of Clear quartz or a selenite charging plate for 6+ hours.

Sound is Music to your Crystal’s Ears

The vibrations of sound are especially important for helping unclog the energy stored within the crystal. Some options include playing sounds over any device, using a sound bowl, or ringing a Tibetan bell. Energy Muse offers a specialized cleansing playlist you can download, free of charge.

Your practice:

Place your crystals in a designated area and ring your bell or play a singing bowl over them. You can also use our MegaHertz music playlist to cleanse your crystals.

Why Charge Crystals?

So, once your crystals have been cleansed and refreshed, how do we charge them? If the cleansing process is about purifying and replenishing the energy of the crystal, charging is like starting up the engines! It is a way for you to transfer the energy of your intentions, your goals, your dreams to the crystal to get it activated. In essence, to crystallize the vision you want to achieve for yourself.  You can do this in a couple of different ways. For some, it helps to speak your intentions out loud, in a kind of mantra. Others prefer to practice visualization or mentally think through their wishes.Either way, be specific and clear about what your goals are, and then set a course. Through this programming process, you are giving your crystal a mandate and a purpose, but you are also “revving up” and charging your own mindset and subconscious with an energy that you can call upon every time you use your crystal. Once infused by your energy, your crystal becomes like a trusted travel companion, riding shotgun on your journey to achieve your dreams.

Copper is a particularly strong conduit for charging your crystals. It is to crystals like Planet Earth’s solar power is to Superman - an energy super-charger!  Two of the most effective copper charging methods are the copper charging pyramid and the copper plate.  A gift of the ancient Egyptians, the pyramid’s structural ingenuity and rising shape represents the miracle of mankind’s achievements.  With its copper edges, this pyramid creates a kind of greenhouse effect, which magnifies and nourishes whatever is placed underneath it. Spending time inside the pyramid is like a rejuvenating spa day for your crystals. Similarly, the copper plates act as energetic solar panels that intensify and amplify the energy of whatever comes in contact, your crystals or you! For a heightened effect, hold the plates in your hands to super charge your own energy field, visualize all the cells in your body tingling with your own life force and experience the uplifting, revitalizing jolt that copper brings. Then, transfer all your intentions, visualization and energy onto your crystals so they can perform at their maximum vibrational frequency.   

How to Charge Your Crystals

When you are ready to activate and charge your crystal, be clear minded about setting your intentions. This is critical to programming your crystal and establishing your bond and connection. Take your time and think through what it is you truly want and what is most important to you. Be true to yourself but keep an open mind and an open heart, ready to receive all the possibilities and opportunities that come your way. 

All of these practices can be used separately or in combination with one another. 

Your practice to program and charge your crystals with your intention:

  • Sit quietly, holding the stones in both of your hands
  • Breathe in the clearest white light and visualize your intentions. The stones are listening
  • Share, in the clearest way possible, your intentions with your crystals to program them and establish your bond
  • Your crystals are now charged and activated.

Your practice (with the copper pyramid) to charge your crystals:

  • Place your crystals inside the base of the copper pyramid.
  • Visualize your intentions.
  • Leave crystals in the pyramid for overnight.
  • If desired, you can also charge other objects, such as water or vitamins.

Your practice (with copper plates) to supercharge your energy:

  • Hold the copper plate(s) in one or both hands and visualize your intentions
  • Embrace the restorative electrical charge running through your body
  • Once your energy field has been amped up, hold your crystals to transfer this revitalized energy to them to heighten and maximize their vibrational frequency
  • You can also place your crystals directly on top of the copper plate overnight to supercharge them.

5 simple methods for cleansing your crystals

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