Sacral Chakra Healing with Crystals
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Sacral Chakra Healing with Crystals

The 2nd sacral chakra, also known as the svadisthana chakra, is located in the lower abdomen to navel area. It’s connected with the color orange and is associated with sexuality, passion, creation, vulnerability and our relationships with other people and the world–which is why it is commonly referred to as the partnership chakra. The emotions, fears and strengths associated with this chakra drive your behavior.

When your sacral chakra is balanced, you have energy to create a business, artwork or even children. You take risks, engage in balanced give-and-take relationships and express sensitivity or vulnerability. If your sacral chakra is imbalanced, you may feel like you have no personal power. Often times, you won’t be able to express emotions, create meaningful work or find the simple joys in life. Physically, the second chakra governs the lower back, reproductive organs & fertility, hips and lower intestine, and it is believed that trouble with these areas is a result of second chakra issues.

One of the most common ways I notice the sacral chakra going out of balance is when we forget the “take” aspect of our relationships. Women often take on the role of caregiver, and are constantly giving to their spouses, children, friends, and even colleagues. However, when it comes to giving to the self, we are at the bottom of our list. We tell ourselves, “I’ll do something for me when I get the time.” Of course, the time never comes, because life happens, and we continue to move forward in this cycle.

To balance our second chakra we must acknowledge the fact that it is okay to receive. It is okay to take time for ourselves. This energy of receiving feels healing and is deserved by us all. When balance is achieved between the energy of giving and receiving, the feeling of resentment and the “UGH! I never get time for myself” is released. The sacral chakra asks us, “What is it that you need? Are you able to ask for it? Do you handle everything like you always do because you don’t need anything?

All these patterns, learned behaviors and vows can be changed once we become consciously aware of them. This chakra asks us to look within and say, I am worth it. I honor, cherish and receive myself. As we treat ourselves with respect, our relationships and vulnerability with others strengthen. Sacral chakra healing is one of the most powerful ways we can give back to ourselves, explore our own body and emotions, and reunite with our selves.

Using Crystals for Sacral Chakra Healing: The healing stones we used for this formation are Shungite, Tangerine quartz, Carnelian, Goldstone, and Angel Phantom Quartz. These are just a few of the sacral chakra stones you can use for a sacral chakra healing formation.

1 Large Shungite and 4 small Shungite stones: Shungite is the most healing stone as it purifies the body, eliminates negative energy, and grounds you on your spiritual journey. I have found Shungite to be a key crystal in chakra layouts because it neutralizes the energy of the formation. Whatever energy is brought to the surface during your sacral chakra healing session, the shungite will neutralize it and bring it back into balance.

4 Tangerine Quartz points: Tangerine quartz helps to balance emotions, open your mind to ideas outside of your belief system, and heal trauma. It is especially helpful for finding the balance between giving and receiving in relationships.

4 Carnelian stones: Carnelian brings confidence, creativity, and self-esteem into your life, making it a perfect stone to use to work on the second chakra

4 Goldstone: Known as the “Stone of Ambition,” goldstone helps you achieve your goals and renew your energy.

2 Angel Phantom Quartz Points: Angel Phantom Quartz connects you with the higher chakras and the divine, giving you guidance and wisdom as you open this chakra.

Optional: To ground and move your energy upward, you can place shungite or black tourmaline on either side of your feet and in between, and selenite crystals on either side of your body.

Sacral Chakra Healing With Crystals - Energy Muse Blog

Sacral Chakra Healing With Crystals – Energy Muse Blog

Place your sacral chakra stones in the grid formation shown in the picture above over your sacral chakra, located between the genitals and the belly button. If you don’t have anyone around to help you place the stones, it may be easier to first lay the stones out in the formation next to you, and then transfer them to your body. Once you have finished the grid, and have found a comfortable position, close your eyes and breathe deeply.

Begin asking yourself questions like, “Am I fully open in my relationships with others? Do I fully express my feelings, or do I claim I can handle it on my own? Is my outlook on life overly emotional, or too negative?” Dive deep into these questions, and see what has caused you to think the way you do. Take this time to ask for guidance from the Divine on how you can change these patterns.

Once you feel you have gained a better understanding of why the energy in your sacral chakra is stuck or over-active, remove the sacral chakra crystals and journal about what you gained from the meditation. Afterwards, rinse your sacral chakra crystals and cleanse them with sage smoke. Place then outside in the sun for a day to allow them to regain their vibrance. You can work on this meditation as often as you’d like.

Chakra healing is a powerful tool for transformation, uncovering harmful patterns, and releasing past beliefs. Different methods of chakra healing work for different people so try out a few and see what feels best for you. The important thing to remember is that you need to be open to self-inquiry by asking yourself the tough questions and meeting your issues face to face. This active part of your healing process is what allows for true transformation.

Explore our other chakra healing posts, such as root chakra healing and solar plexus chakra healing. Check back next month for solar plexus chakra healing!

Heather Askinosie
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