Crystal Beauty Tools: Release Any Emotional Baggage Held in Your Face
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Crystal Beauty Tools: Release Any Emotional Baggage Held in Your Face

We look at beauty from coming from within. That inner light. That inner glow. When you feel beautiful, you energetically lighten up and your light beams outwards. And because crystals are little pieces of light, when you use crystals in your beauty routine, it helps to lift your energy field and release any of the strain of the day. 

You may have seen a crystal roller or a crystal gua sha before, but have you used them to address the energetics within your face? We’ve carefully curated this collection of crystallized beauty tools to help you do just that. 

We hold emotions, tension and stuck energy in our face, and overtime, they continue to grow and build. By combining the use of crystals with your personal intention, you are able to use your beauty routine to clear any energetic buildup and lift your energy field. Trust us - using these tools 2-in-1 facial and energy tools will help you glow from the inside out. 

Why We Chose These 3 Crystals for Beauty:


With the Black Obsidian roller and Black Obsidian Gua Sha, use these to release the energy of emotions like worry, anger, sadness and fear - all the things that we hold onto in our face that diminish our glow. When you use Black Obsidian, visualize yourself rolling all these emotions out. Rolling worry out, rolling sadness out, rolling fear away. It is the perfect crystal for releasing all the heavy energy and emotional baggage held in your face. 


With the Amethyst crystal roller and Amethyst gua sha, it's all about tapping into your emotions. What do you feel about yourself in regards to beauty? What are the words that you tell yourself? What are all the stories and the beliefs that you think you need to look like in today’s society? All that self-loathing and past programming. All those thoughts that go back years and years. Amethyst helps you to release your stories in regards to beauty and what that means to you.

Rose Quartz

The Rose Quartz tools, like the Rose Quartz crystal roller, Rose Quartz gua sha and Rose Quartz crystal tension massager, are all about love. They tell you that you’re beautiful just the way you are. To stand in your power. To love yourself. To nurture yourself. You’re perfect just the way you are. When you’re using these tools, focus on reprogramming your mental state with Rose Quartz. Repeat self-love affirmations such as: I am love-able. I am beautiful. I am worthy. I deserve to feel beautiful. Whatever you want to say to yourself that makes you feel good. 

Integrate these crystal beauty tools into your daily routine to get rid of any emotional baggage that you carry in your face.

Heather Askinosie
Heather Askinosie is a crystal expert and leading influencer on the power of crystals, Feng Shui and holistic healing. For nearly 30 years, she has been researching the scientific and spiritual aspects of energy. After studying with the best healers from all over the world, she has used the past three decades of her career to translate ancient wisdom into simple tools that anyone can use to transform their life. In 2000, she co-founded Energy Muse with business partner, Timmi Jandro. Energy Muse provides tools of empowerment and inspiration in the tangible form of jewelry and crystals. Her crystal teachings can be found in her book Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals to Tune into the Real You as well as mindbodygreen, Well+Good, The Chalkboard Mag, and more. Learn more about Heather at

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